The Best Blogging Sites and the Blogging Explosion

To break from the standard “make money” article, I decided I would write about the significance of blogs, and not only as an income-generating tool, but as a news source. And how it has completely changed how we receive our news.

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One of the latest technological innovations that has emerged in the Internet world of recent times is the publication of news stories as they happen through blogs. But what exactly is a Blogger? Bloggers tend to be very engaged in updating their blogs immediately, very often making the news on blogs more current than newspapers and TV channels. As opposed to the news which is released by media other than outlets, private blogs don’t have to escape the scrutiny by editors or publishers prior to when they can get read by the public including on the top blogs. The general rule is that blogging news stories as they happen can have some advantages along with a host of disadvantages.

Many of us will be familiar with a famous news story that made it to blogs before it made its way to other more mainstream media outlets. In July 2005 when an attack of terror took place in London and the commuters were moving out of the subway near to the location where the blast was occurring, a man took photographs of the scene with his smartphone. The photos were shared online and many people worldwide learned about the event by reading the articles personalised with images posted by bloggers, scooping many of the media giants and news agencies in the process.

The fact that regular people instead of reporters are now sharing news and images directly to the general public is generally a good thing because it allows for getting the news more quickly. Blog posts are usually written in first-person perspective which could potentially lead to a new age of reporting by altering the way that information is distributed to the hands of people in the community. This style of writing is referred to by the name of New Journalism.

Many bloggers and educators who are specialists in their fields favor the rising trend of blogging about current news events because they believe that more democratic news reporting could be achieved. Through disseminating control over the traditional news media, blogs permit more points of opinions to be heard rather than the sanitized and controlled version of the news that the public has been receiving in recent years.

On the flip side many individuals are also against the use of blogs as a news channel. They say that unlike newspapers and television stations who have people on staff to check the information related to the news There are only handful of blogs that can afford editors and fact-checkers. As a result, the majority of them don’t pay attention to the accountability of journalists in their articles. It is the possibility that this sloppy process of publishing unverified news stories will be widely spread and lots of people are misinformed.

The debate over the ethics of the blogging process as it occurs is a complicated one but regardless of which side you are on you’ll be able to agree that this progress has started to reform the way that people access their news. Try to find an online newspaper that’s not got many blogs on it these days!

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