What to Look For in a Pediatric Therapy Staffing CompanyWhat to Look For in a Pediatric Therapy Staffing Company

As a speech pathologist, I’m well aware of the difficulties in finding the best pediatric therapy staffing firm. When you’re just beginning your journey you may discover some things you’ve not considered to look for or may not even know about. Through your professional career, you’ll make mental notes of the things you’ll need from an employer as well as in a pediatric therapy job. After 25 years of working in this field and watching it I’ve learned what occupational therapists, speech pathologists and physical therapists – beginning with Software Development Team those who are just beginning to those who are well into their careers – must look for , and the things they should stay clear of.

The Right Fit: The Positives

A pediatric therapy firm can provide you with security and various positions to select from. The company can also assess your skills and position you in the right position. The top therapy staffing firms can offer you these benefits:

  • A competitive total compensation plan Take a look at a variety of pediatric therapy companies to learn more about what they are similar to. Find out about their culture to determine if you are an ideal match. Find out about their overall compensation plan, including pay and benefits. Examine all aspects of the benefits and pay to other locations and to find out if it is in line with your goals. Think about asking these questions What is the pediatric therapy staffing firm’s policy regarding benefits? When will they begin? What is the amount of time they are covered? It could go on and on, but make sure you have a plan you have prepared for your next interview , which includes the relevant questions to your specific scenario.
  • Flexibility in your job In the event that you’re likely to work or relocate in various states or counties You’ll require a pediatric therapy job that offers the flexibility you need and allows you to tailor the position as you like. You can select your location of choice which makes it much easier to move from school to schools in various regions of the nation. Another aspect of flexibility in the workplace is being able to tailor the time that you would like to spend working, since certain speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists are searching for full-time work, while others might only be allowed to work on a part-time basis. The third aspect of flexibility in work is choosing which segment of the population you would like to be working with. For instance, some people prefer a job in school therapy with a typical caseload and some prefer cases with children with than moderate or severe needs, certain individuals prefer children of elementary age while others are more interested in high school or middle-school age children. There are a variety of options.
  • The capacity to change and grow: The world changes constantly and your work should too! Interview the person at the next pediatric therapy staffing agency you visit and they should be able to speak candidly about the company’s capacity to grow and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the lives of people. A fresh graduate from college is completely different from the parent of a child ten years further down the line However, those who are both in the same situation should be looking for to learn new skills, challenges and, ultimately, satisfaction.

Reality Check: Potential Red Flags

In an attempt to entice you and eventually hire you, certain pediatric therapy companies employ tactics that are illegal or seriously restricting your professional advancement. Here are some indicators you should be looking for during your next interview. Avoid therapy staffing firms that follow any of the following practices:

  • The company that provides therapy asks you to sign a contract that gives them the sole authority for representing you. At the end of the day, this will effectively stop you from seeking different employment opportunities.
  • The company suggests that you be classified as an independent contractor or subcontractor rather than being an employee. The company could have an ulterior motive behind this and could be using this to pay less taxes to the government. This tactic, disguised by an hourly rate of pay that is high and a large portion on the burden of tax off the company that provides therapy to you. In the end, you are required to use the additional pay to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes that the company who employs you would have paid had you been classified as an employee. Additionally, as self-employed, it’s uncertain if you are covered by the therapy staffing firm’s liability for professional responsibility, worker’s’ compensation, and unemployment insurances.
  • The company tries to pay you an allowance for housing that is tax-free when you reside within the general region. Although such an allowance is common and legally permitted for travel therapy positions however, tax-free housing allowances for those who live and work in the same area are not typically permitted to be granted by the IRS. The tax-free housing allowance is another way for unethical therapy companies to reduce their tax burden however, it is presented as a positive thing to you. If IRS guidelines are not adhered to and an audit is conducted by both you and the company could be held accountable for tax owed and possible penalties for the tax-free housing allowance.
  • The company claims that it offers Early Intervention work available for schools-based therapy positions during the summer or during times when schools are not in session. Sometimes, the job is not in your region and could have been offered to numerous other therapists. Numerous therapy staffing firms may offer legitimate opportunities for Early Intervention work during the summermonths, but it’s crucial to ask questions that are specific and not settle for generic answers such as, “Yes, we do Early Intervention.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you’re interviewing with the correct pediatric therapy company and one that can provide you with the ideal fit and the staff will answer your questions. Do not be afraid to speak about your concerns – this is the only method to determine if the particular pediatric therapy firm can provide what you require in a job. In the end of the day the outcome of your satisfaction when you are employed by a company that provides staff for pediatric therapy is contingent on your professional objectives – if you believe that the job is a good fit take the job offer and start enjoying the pleasure being a child’s teacher every as they come to work!

June Wilder Whitehead is the founder and President of Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services, a pediatric therapy staffing company with extensive background and experience in providing its school system customers with professional speech language pathologists [http://www.cobbpediatric.com] occupational therapists, and physical therapists.

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