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This Article is Not Just About Marketing, I provide 7 Tips on How To Use Article Marketing For Your Business

Here’s a Article Marketing suggestion for hungry internet users. ……… Write some articles about what you enjoy or are passionate about! And, what are the things that your family and friends think your good at doing? If you don’t like to write why not hire someone else to write your article or do as I do and just rewrite articles that have already been written with your own unique twist on it. !!!! I don’t like to write but If I can save myself some money , then that’s exactly what I’ll do since I’d prefer to spend 30 minutes writing an article and have confidence that it’s original and that the material is excellent, rather than pay for it, even when it’s already been used and has been used before! That’s a quick tip from me before I get started with this article.

1.) Utilize Articles to Promote Your Business

My friend, article marketing is an online business that is primarily used by people such as you and me, but it is also used by internet businesses to promote all kinds of goods. To make the most of Article marketing to promote their products, Affiliates write articles for their personal sites or blogs and submit the articles to article directories . Additionally, they have published their articles on different online Social Media & Bookmarking sites. Business affiliates market their services on the web via a variety of marketing channels , but I’ve come to fall in love with article marketing because the reason people go online to learn how to market and earn money. If your article contains great quality content and people come across you then you’ll get more backlinks to your site or blogs!!! People are still drawn to reading and that’s why I still do articles as well as videos. I’m not going to get into videos in this article but I’ll add this : whatever article you create, you should make a video as well ….. Hint, Hint!!!! !

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2.) Use Articles To Get Traffic

Let’s face it we all know what a good article can bring, that’s right, traffic! !!!!! However, not all traffic is good as we should all know. In this instance it is important to focus on our readers, and not to sell yourself short. One of the main objectives of marketing articles is to drive your site traffic so that you can increase your prospects or sales however, that doesn’t mean your articles you write ought to be nothing more than an immense sales page. In reality, you won’t get any visitors if your content isn’t well written and your traffic won’t do anything if your customers are unable to utilize the information you give them. Ya see you have to provide the readers with what they want , which could be the solution to their issue or assist them in their most difficult time The best way to do this is to help them! This is my suggestion for you if you’re trying to make articles be useful to you. Keep writing them, without trying to see any profits from it. You should also include them on as many websites as you can! The more you make, the better! …….

3.) Articles equal SEO

Let’s assume for instance that your blogs or websites contain fresh unique content, they are more likely to appear high in the search engines results. Have I missed mentioning all “from the keyword” traffic generated by search engines. If you approach it in correctly, this is a very effective way to build hyperlinks for your BLOG site, and to bring traffic to your websites each day on auto-pilot. In the next few months, you’ll be able creating an online presence in the online world!! A good headline will determine how well your content performs online and whether it’s retweeted by others and goes viral. It’s crucial to have a good title as this is the motor to your article and that’s what does it to run, so be aware of this when writing articles for SEO.

4.) Articles and Blogs

Every article I’ve written and published on articles sites I then post them on my blog as well and I also create a Squidoo Lens about the same article. It would be nice if you did a Podcast about it too. There are so many ways to get your message out about your piece and blogging is among my favourites because it receives feedback and allows you to reach out to your readers. ….I have also created the Hub about it via Hubpages.

5.) Niches About Marketing

Whatever your area of expertise you must be prepared to write articles for your niche, unless it’s actually something that’s a specific product niche. I like to target keywords you want to rank for in your field, therefore when you write articles with targeted keywords, you will rank in those results that rank in the top 10 for those keywords. Let’s assume that you create high-quality articles, you can become an authority within your industry or field based on the method you conduct your research and how hard you’re willing to put in.

6.) Article Directories

After you’ve written your content, and then submit them to e-zines and other directories of articles. Each directory that releases your content, you will receive an additional boost in terms of traffic and credibility to your website. This is why you need to submit to different directories for articles. The more you post your articles to various websites, the more backlinks you receive pointing back to your sites. This is known as article marketing and is the way to become a household name on the internet and attract people who are looking to you for advice about your area of expertise.

7.) Use Videos As Articles

This is the power of articles They can be used to make videos! Make an online video of the same subject matter your article was about and then in a snap read it word for word in the form of video. You’ll have viewers who aren’t interested in reading but are likely to watch the video, so it’s good to have an accompanying video that will allow you to gain more leverage with that single article now as you can distribute the video to various video sharing websites and make those videos point back to your web sites. Simply put your site’s URLs on all the video sharing sites you upload your video to and you’ll get a lot of juice through this method This is a breeze! This is a breeze to do!!! !


This is my way of thanking you for reading this article I wrote. to summarize it all I’d like you to know that article marketing can be very effective and for the person or those who are starting out in this business my advice will be to put into practice what you’ve learned as soon as possible. You can make a YouTube video about what you learn and also participate in some forums and present yourself and invite other experts to take a review the work you create. I’m always learning and reading about marketing to improve my knowledge as well as help others to improve theirs too. You should always be willing to learn something new everyday toward increasing your knowledge in your field or business.

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