The Logitech C270 Web Cam

Absolutely one of the top options available now, The Logitech C270 Web Camera combines elegant design and an array of features that will satisfy every one of the strictest of web cam users. It’s another release from the Logitech stable that has established itself as a household brand on the international Web Camera marketplace. Released in 2010, together with the Logitech HD Pro Webcams C910 C510, C310 and C910 that offer excellent graphics (video as well as photo) along with top audio quality. All this at a price of just $40.00. It’s not likely to get the same acclaim as the other big names in the Logitech stable however, this camera isn’t a light.

Even though it’s last in the HD camera hierarchy released by Logitech, it does compete with the top models. When you look at it close, there is no difference between these cameras. The Logitech C270 HD Web Camera surely holds it’s own against the other high priced models that are on the market currently. It is seamless in its integration with a variety of Instant Messengers like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! (r) Messenger, AOL (r) Instant Messenger (AIM (r) as well as a myriad different Instant Messengers that can support High Definition Video Conferencing. The C270 is truly a steal with a lot of features that are affordable and user friendliness. Much like the models it shares with its sisters which were released in the same calendar year and it is the Logitech C270 Pro HD Webcam utilises the Logitech Vid HD as the native software. Vid HD is Logitech’s High Definition Instant Messenger which is simple to install and and works on all platforms, including windows as well as Apple operating systems.

One of the most innovative developments to be made by Logitech includes their Logitech Fluid Crystal system they have incorporated into all of their cameras. This is an algorithm that provides clear and crisp audio quality. It automatically balances out audio and video, thereby eliminating any crackling audio and choppy images. It does this by balancing lighting and colours, thus delivering true to life images in still pictures and video. It also provides clear image quality when there isn’t enough lighting.


The comes with the MAGIX Video and Photo Editing Suites.

The video editing suite (MAGIX Video simple) will be as its name suggests, extremely easy to utilize. When compared to other video editing software, this one has a simple interface and lets you create stunning home videos with it. It allows you to cut, edit and combine several clips, adding music, images and even transitions. MAGIX Video Easy comes with complete Facebook and YouTube integration that lets you upload videos directly through the application.

Photograph Manager 9 is a photo editing tool that lets you to edit and organize your digital photo library on your personal computer. After it is installed it, photo Manager 9 will not only automatically import all your pictures but also sort all your photos by time and date, allowing you to find that particular photo , even among thousands.

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