Innovative Mindset in Society Is America Losing the Edge in Innovation?

Is America losing its lead in the field of innovation? What could be the reason? What could have gone wrong? What happened? Could it be because we’ve changed our educational system and society in a manner which has reduced the incentive to those who are innovative? That would be a travesty as our whole national identity is based on the “can-do attitude’. Let’s look at this in a brief manner and then let me know that you have noticed it too.

Are we losing the capacity to think in a creative way and innovatively solve problems? I believe so. We also seem to be losing our independence, and there is no need to solve issues – all problems are already solved. Do not think about it and search for the answer on Google. There is now no accountability, or even integrity, in passing off copied ideas and plagiarism to create new ideas.

You see, I’m no Luddite and I’m not living in a cave. But I am aware of the creativity out there. It’s only that I’m seeing an ocean of imitation and only a few shining examples of innovation when compared. Everybody is busy interacting, liking and forwarding for the most popular and frequently highlighted viral new ideas instead of developing new ideas themselves. Perhaps the instant satisfaction of a dopamine blast is as enjoyable as the “Ah-Ha Moment” when you solve a problem , or when the lightbulb of creativity ring in your brain?

There seems to be an overwhelming desire among the members in our community to become innovative and innovative, as businesses recognize that there is a distinct benefit of having a robust Research and Development Department and keeping an edge in their sector. Maybe that’s the reason everyone and their brother proclaims to be an Innovation Expert Consultant. It’s quite funny that so many of these “innovation coaches’ claim to teach us how to innovate but I’m tempted to ask how many of them are original in their thinking themselves. Do you think this is yet another example of”those who don’t teach’.

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Being an innovator I am amazed at the things that are deemed innovative or creative in our day and age. It seems that we all enjoy freedom of speech in America and one is free to proclaim themselves to be an innovator whenever they want with no proof or examples of the creativeness or innovative qualities – but that doesn’t make it true. There is no honor in keeping this up, we just hurt ourselves and it is impossible to fix the issue until we confront the truth and the issue. Do you also see this? What do we do? Take a moment to think about this and reflect on it.

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