Keele Fishel is the Kidmin1124 Volunteer Champion of the Week

Wayne Stocks —  April 15, 2011

Volunteer ChampionWelcome to the Volunteer Champion of the Week. There are thousands and thousands of volunteers who turn out each weekend and selflessly serve children in churches around the globe. They do not do what they do for recognition or accolades, but at Kidmin1124 we would like to shine a light on some of these volunteers as a way to say “Thank You!” So, each week we recognize one volunteer from the world of kidmin who goes above and beyond in their service to God’s kids. Our hope is that this segment will provide some well deserved recognition to individual volunteers. More importantly though, we have asked these Volunteer Champions to share some of their insights and experiences with us so that we can all learn from their wisdom.

This week’s recipients, based on a nomination from Joe McAlpine, is (drum roll please):

Keele Fishel

Here is some background information on Keele:

1. What is your full name?

Keele Fishel

2. Where do you live (city, state, country)?

Edmond, OK

3. What church do you attend and serve at (please feel free to include the web address of your church)?

Spring Creek Assembly

4. How long have you been involved in children’s ministry?

8 months

5. What position(s) do you volunteer at in your children’s ministry?

I do anything the pastor needs – mostly related to marketing , web , graphic , SEO

6. Tell us about your family (spouse, kids, etc.)

I am a single Mother of an amazing Autistic (Asperger) Son (8) who is on fire for God.

7. Any links you would like to share (blog, twitter, facebook, cmconnect, etc.)

We also asked Keele to share some thoughts and wisdom on some selected questions. Here is what she had to say:

clip_image0011. What do you know today that you wish you knew when you first started working in children’s ministry?

I never realized how much work is involved and how few people volunteer when it comes to their Children’s spiritual growth.

2. What have you learned about leadership as a volunteer?

It isn’t always my way … That was a huge problem for me as my habits were formed over 16 years of running a company. Through God I have learned patience and lots of IT!

3. Can you think of a situation or a child that had a real impact on your own spiritual development?

This is a story very dear to me, as it is my own testimony. I was left to raise my son by myself. Max was always worried I would leave him as well. I said to him “Mommy’s never leave”. Over the years, this became just what we said, and it always comforted him. However as he got older I realized that I was teaching him that Mommy’s never leave … but it is OK for DADDY’S to leave? That isn’t right, so I was left with an issue of how to raise a young man with honor.

When I moved to Oklahoma I wasn’t following God. While driving one day Max said “I want to go there!” (Pointing to Spring Creek Assembly) So after much prodding, we pulled in and went to service. After a couple of times of attendance, and alter call was made and my son went and sat on the steps. I went over and sat with him, and he was crying. I asked him “What’s wrong?” He said he was happy, so I asked “then why are you crying?” and he looked at me and said “Because I know that Jesus is the Father that will never leave me.” I was stunned and knew that it was a statement from God assuring me that there is a God and he loves us. My fears were over and my life changed immediately. Thank you Jesus for my son and thank you for using him as a tool to bring us to you! Amen

4. As a volunteer, what is one thing you wish that all children’s pastors knew about their volunteers?

That they do not ask for help enough – there are a lot of people that will help , just make your needs HEARD!

To Children’s Pastors and Others who would like to nominate a volunteer for Kidmin1124 Volunteer Champion of the Week:

We need your help! We are looking for additional nominations for future Volunteer Champion of Week recipients to keep this segment going. If you have a volunteer, or know of a volunteer, who really goes above and beyond, please e-mail their name, e-mail address and brief explanation of why you are nominating them (a sentence or so) to We need your help to make this series a success.

Prior Recipients of the Award:

Prior recipients of the Kidmin1124 Volunteer Champion the Week Award include:

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