Chris Austell is the Kidmin1124 Volunteer Champion of the Week

Wayne Stocks —  April 1, 2011

Volunteer ChampionWelcome to the Volunteer Champion of the Week. There are thousands and thousands of volunteers who turn out each weekend and selflessly serve children in churches around the globe. They do not do what they do for recognition or accolades, but at Kidmin1124 we would like to shine a light on some of these volunteers as a way to say “Thank You!” So, each week we recognize one volunteer from the world of kidmin who goes above and beyond in their service to God’s kids. Our hope is that this segment will provide some well deserved recognition to individual volunteers. More importantly though, we have asked these Volunteer Champions to share some of their insights and experiences with us so that we can all learn from their wisdom.

This week’s recipients, based on a nomination from Gina McClain, is (drum roll please):

Chris Austell

Here is some background information on Chris:

1. What is your full name?

Christopher Austell

2. Where do you live (city, state, country)?

Powell, TN

3. What church do you attend and serve at (please feel free to include the web address of your church)?

Faith Promise Church

4. How long have you been involved in children’s ministry?

4+ years

5. What position(s) do you volunteer at in your children’s ministry?

Anything between being the door greeter to working an activity station to just floating around making sure everyone is having fun.

6. Tell us about your family (spouse, kids, etc.)

I am married and we have a 21 month old daughter and currently expecting another.

7. Any links you would like to share (blog, twitter, facebook, cmconnect, etc.)

I do have a facebook account can look me up by my name

We also asked Chris to share some thoughts and wisdom on some selected questions. Here is what he had to say:

Chris Austell1. What have you learned about leadership as a volunteer?

That It doesn’t matter who you are or what you see yourself as there is always someone that looks up to you.

2. How did volunteering so much affect your own children and family (good and bad)?

Its great because with my daughter, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Every Sunday after class I look forward to hearing my daughter walking through the doors screaming DADA at the top of her lungs and running to me.

3. What is the biggest challenge you think kids face today? How can children’s ministry meet that need?

The lack of God outside the church for one. And the lack of Godly influences in their lives. Our goal every week is to make the hour and half that we have with the children, the best hour and half of their entire week and hope and pray that it impacts their life even after they walk out the door.

4. What is the most impactful book you have ever read in relation to your work in children’s ministry?

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity.  Even though it’s on parenting there are amazing values that are great values and guidelines for children’s ministry.

5. Please share the “best” way you have ever shared the gospel with a group of children. What age group?

I’ve only worked with 3-4 year olds, but the best way I’ve shared was singing worship songs and acting out and using a lot of expressions and emotions when reading bible stories.

To Children’s Pastors and Others who would like to nominate a volunteer for Kidmin1124 Volunteer Champion of the Week:

We need your help! We are looking for additional nominations for future Volunteer Champion of Week recipients to keep this segment going. If you have a volunteer, or know of a volunteer, who really goes above and beyond, please e-mail their name, e-mail address and brief explanation of why you are nominating them (a sentence or so) to We need your help to make this series a success.

Prior Recipients of the Award:

Prior recipients of the Kidmin1124 Volunteer Champion the Week Award include:

Wayne Stocks

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Wayne is married to a wonderful woman and has four kids whom God uses to teach him on an almost daily basis. He is blessed to volunteer in a wonderful children's ministry at New Life Church Gahanna. He established Kidmin1124 for those who give their time to kids and feel passionately about children's ministry. When he isn't working on Kidmin1124, he maintains another blog at and contributes articles on a regular basis to