Was it your baptism or a dream?

Leisa Jenkins —  April 24, 2012

I was baptized around nine or at least that’s what I was told by my entire life.  I even remember a preacher, a church and some water.   I had often wondered if that was my baptism or someone else’s.  Because if it was mine wouldn’t I remember more.

I will turn 33 Friday April 27th and for 24 year I thought I was baptized until two weeks ago.   Two weeks ago a great friend of mine took a very big step to a journey filled with so much desire and a will to live a life with God by her side and in her heart.  She has lived a life of anger, judgment, sin and abuse.  She has witnessed this throughout her family tree for many many years.  Just four months ago she would not even hear of walking in a church and listening to a sermon.  She went kicking and screaming with a close family member pushing her.   Exactly two weeks ago a very nervous women walked up to the front of her church lead by her pastor and announced her baptism. This I promise you was one of the most emotional announcements you will ever see.  As she cried, sweated & smiled with tears of joy she made some awesome memories that Sunday.   She will forever remember the tears that fell to the floor, the people that lead her to this decision and the God that for better or worse will never leave her side.  She will remember this event that will change her life forever.

How many of us can say that? How many of us remember why or how it happened or even the date?  Can you remember the water  temperature, or the people that were part of it?   At 33 years old I don’t remember any of that!

That Sunday after service I walked away with so many questions.  I called my mom and asked her about my baptism.  This was the first time we had talked about it in many years.   I asked her the big question was I baptized?  And she said “maybe”.  Maybe just does not fit in my vocabulary.  It’s either Yes or No.  So on April 28th  I will be baptized by two men that have been such assets in my spiritual walk.  Two men that God has put in my life to help mold the person I am today.

As leaders in our own Children’s ministry it is so important to celebrate and move children to the next step of their lives.  Make this event bigger than any event that they will ever remember.  Be part of the memories that they will remember.  Be part of the lasting effect it will have on their lives.   Their baptism needs to be so memorable that they will not wake up at 33 and wonder if it was a dream.  It is so important that we must love our children enough to hold their hands and show them that life without God is impossible and life with God is amazing.

On April 29th my life will be forever changed and remembered because of a great friend that pushed through all the cob webs in her life.  She gave all her pain to God and let him lead her to an amazing new season of her life.

I am inviting all of you to join me and celebrate something I want to remember forever.

Thank you to my awesome friend for this amazing gift.

Leisa Jenkins

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Leisa volunteers full-time as the Children’s Ministry Director responsible for kids from birth through fifth grade. Her goal on Sunday mornings is to create an incredible Godly experience for each child and to give kids the confidence to understand that God fights for them each day. She has an incrediable love for each family that she comes in contact with and is more excited each day to share the love of our amazing God with them! God has given Leisa the incredible opportunity to encourage and impact every life around Her, and she will serve God each day by reaching one family at a time.

3 responses to Was it your baptism or a dream?

  1. Powerful post Leisa! Thanks so much for sharing that. I’ll be praying for you on April 29th & joining in your celebration!

  2. Leisa..just returning from church this morning where we had 2 baptisms! So of course, I was thinking about you & praying that the Holy Spirit came down upon you today as he did for Jesus! And may He continue to empower you for ministry. Happy Baptism Day!

    • Glenys

      Thank you so much! It was an amazing morning. I got to have most of the children in the CM right up fron to watch. I talked to them for a few minutes & got to see their little eyes light up. Love what God is doing for me & all of the children that were impacted today. I feel like a brand new person. It was a perfect morning. Thank you so so so so much!!!!!