#OC12 Tuesday recap

Matt Norman —  April 24, 2012

Ok, so I know what your thinking. What does a Fiat 500 have to do with kidmin, or with the Orange conference. Well, the answer is absolutely nothing. Except that this is the car they tried to give us at the airport. Now, I know that none of you know me, but trust me, this car would not have been a good fit. Frankly, I think that I weigh more than this car. Not to mention that Joe McAlpine is over 6 foot tall.

Anyways, had a great dinner with the rest of the Orange bloggers. Great opportunity to meet some of the other people that are blogging for Orange this week. Also had a chance to meet Tonya Langdon in person. Great to finally start meeting the other members of the Kidmin1124 team in person.

Totally stoked to meet even more great kidmin people and soak up as much knowledge as my feeble little mind can handle tomorrow. Stay tuned this is going to be a blast.

Matt Norman

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Matt is married to his high school sweetheart Kim and together they have two wonderful kids. Matt is a part time children’s pastor at The Rock of Winter Haven, in the appropriately named town of Winter Haven, Florida. In his spare time Matt is an avid automotive enthusiast and a self confessed computer nerd and tech junkie.