Just Do Something!

Matt Norman —  January 10, 2012

Ok, I know that this seems awfully close to the slogan for a popular brand of athletic shoes, but hey the may be onto something.  Maybe I’m the only one that has this problem, but sometimes in children’s ministry we have a tendency to wait until everything is in place before we start something new. Let tell you about how this recently played out in my ministry.

You see, for the past couple years I have felt a burden to start a small group ministry within our children’s ministry. The past two falls I have been determined to launch this exciting new thing. Well, in each case I would work on it over the summer, but then when it came time to launch I would end up feeling as if everything wasn’t ready and I would not launch.

The truth is that everything wasn’t ready. There were some things that simply weren’t ready to go yet. But, my approach changed this fall. When fall came around, I still wasn’t ready to launch. However, this year I didn’t put the idea on a shelf to collect dust until next year. Instead I pushed on. Well, a couple weeks ago we launched our small group ministry. It is perfect, no, but it’s moving.

You see, this was something completely new for me and for my church. For this reason I could have worked on it for years without ever feeling that everything was ready. Even if I had done it before I could still have spent some time working on it without every detail being ready. Instead I decide JUST DO SOMETHING. My small group leaders went into it knowing that this would be a work in progress with a big learning curve for me too, but just for them. They also knew that we were in this together and that I had their back.

So, what does that mean for you? Do whatever you can to prepare for whatever new thing you are getting ready to do. Make it as good as you can when you launch it. But, in the end you have to start somewhere so JUST DO SOMETHING! Launch it, but don’t be satisfied with where it is. I have found that the key is constant improvement. So long as every time you do something it is better than last time you did it, than you will move forward in your ministry.

Matt Norman

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Matt is married to his high school sweetheart Kim and together they have two wonderful kids. Matt is a part time children’s pastor at The Rock of Winter Haven, in the appropriately named town of Winter Haven, Florida. In his spare time Matt is an avid automotive enthusiast and a self confessed computer nerd and tech junkie.

One response to Just Do Something!

  1. Yeah, as a “perfectionist” (i.e., proud person), this is a tough one for me. But God keeps using people like you to remind me of this over and over. Just today, I read a quote (on Twitter, so not sure if it’s true) by Mark Twain: “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

    Also, I’ve heard other folks say stuff like, “An idea that is 80% perfect and in effect is better than one that 100% and still in your head.”