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How to Tell a Great Story

Tammy Jones —  September 27, 2011

Storytelling is one of my favorite ways to share a Bible story with my class. With a little practice, anyone with practice can tell a great story.  In order to tell a good story, there are three fundamental steps you need to take in order to be a good storyteller.

Know the story!

  • Read the story aloud three times.
  • Tell as much of the story as you can from memory. You don’t have to get the re-telling perfect, and you probably won’t the first time.
  • Read the story aloud again.
  • As you read, try to picture the story in your mind.
  • Divide the story into three or four scenes according to the action in the story. This step will help you remember the story better.
  • Re-tell the story again. You did better this time didn’t you?
  • If you are still having trouble try repeating this process again.

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Confirming A Calling

Guest Writer —  December 28, 2010
At Kidmin1124, we like to share our experience and thoughts on children’s ministry, but we also like to hear from others in the field of children’s ministry.  Today’s article was written by Brandon Maddux. Brandon is a young man pursuing a career in children’s ministry. At only 18, I was first struck by Brandon’s maturity and secondly by his passion to learn about what he loves – children’s ministry. In his continued pursuit of growth, Brandon started a podcast called Children’s Ministry Live. In this podcast he interviews many of the experts in the field of children’s ministry to pick their brains and learn from their experience. I have no doubt that the rest of us will be learning from Brandon in the very near future, and the following article is a good example of that.

In sixth grade, I was up at a winter camp, and the pastor was speaking about God’s calling on our lives. Many of my friends were saying they felt called to be Pastors, Worship Leaders, etc. I didn’t feel called to anything, and I was upset at God. We left that service to walk back to our cabin, and on the way back I really think God placed the thought in my head that I should be a Children’s Pastor.

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