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Take Out the Garbage

Leisa Jenkins —  March 1, 2011

A few days ago my husband and I cleaned out our storage room. I know, boring right? My day started by picking things up, rearranging, getting rid of trash, and packing things away.  I realized that God had been talking to me all morning long. My mind was creating its own new story book of my life that is about to began at a whole new level. It had nothing to do with our storage room and everything to do with the challenges we face everyday; challenges that we will never face alone again.

When we are born, our life seems to be perfect. As the years go on, life settles in and we began to make choices and experience challenges, problems, and negativity. We get knocked down, kicked in the head, and pushed to the limit many times. We often dwell on all the things that are going wrong. We work hard to please everyone around us and it seems to be very hard to get a simple, “thank you.” What about when you work so hard on a project and not one person recognizes it; however, they recognize the person that has done the simplest task? We work without sleep and forget to take care of ourselves. We want to give up and find it so hard to move on. Is all of that because someone forgot to say a simple “thank you” or “I appreciate you?”

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