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To VBS or not to VBS

Tammy Jones —  February 3, 2011

Vacation Bible School is alive and well in many areas all around our country. For many small churches VBS may be the biggest outreach of the year. However, some ministry leaders consider Vacation Bible School to be obsolete and ineffective. VBS is being replaced by more family-oriented events.

The decision to banish Vacation Bible School from your church calendar should not be taken lightly. Here are a few tips to help you and your team in a your decision.

1. Prayer–This should go without saying. Seek God’s will for your church.

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Yes, it is VBS week for me and to top it off, I’m leading and preaching in “big church” the Sunday following VBS. This will be a stress filled week as I must work my FT job, run VBS, and prepare a message for Sunday. As I begin the week, I realize that I am not alone. While we often experience the time crunch on a weekly and daily basis, this is a week when several are sacrificing their time to serve to reach children who you may only see this one week and these volunteers will get a taste of what we experience on a regular basis.

This is the time to connect with your volunteers. They are experiencing the struggle of serving in ministry while working a job, some may have used company vacation time to serve. Either way, this is a time to encourage your volunteers in their service. This is not a time to say, “now you know what I experience all the time“.

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