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Let’s Talk Sabbath

Wendy Douglas —  April 18, 2012


Sabbath: a day of rest.

One of the questions I hear alot is “How in the world do you have a sabbath as a volunteer in children’s ministry?” Trying to fit in a day of rest when we have family, friends, work, and ministry requiring our time and attention each week can be a challenge.

But hear me say this…IT IS POSSIBLE. Not only is it possible…IT IS NECESSARY.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Wendy Douglas —  March 14, 2011

Communication is key when it comes to volunteers and leadership in children’s ministry.  Typically, many of these conversations happen at church on a Sunday morning and more often than not are completely spontaneous.  However, trying to have a conversation before service, between services, or after service can be a challenge, and trying to effectively communicate your thoughts in those times can be darn near impossible.   From welcoming new families to passing out takehome papers, there are so many activities that can disrupt conversations during these times. Here are a few things you can do to help these spontaneous Sunday morning conversations be more effective:

  • Have a wing man – have someone available to take over what you are doing at the time to free you up for talks right away.
  • Carry a notepad – no matter how good your memory, you won’t remember everything someone tells you on a hectic Sunday morning.  Right it down for future reference.
  • Make a date – let the person know that you would like to continue talking at a later time either by phone or in person.
  • Keep it short – even those conversations you do have on Sunday morning should be kept short.  Tell the person that you only have three minutes, and stick to it.  If it’s going to take longer, see the prior suggestion.

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You Can Do It All!

Barbara Graves —  February 2, 2011

You can do it all….just not all at once.

Last Sunday I looked over the group of over 40 Momentum Kids volunteers who were attending our first training meeting and lunch for 2011 and thought, I wish I could send them all a letter telling them personally how much it means to me that they give so freely of their time and their talents.  But I just don’t have the time.

But that’s not exactly true.  I don’t have the time to sit down and do it all at once.  I don’t even have the time, to do it all in one week.  But I probably could find the time, to do it all in one month.  If I wrote 2 cards a day, I could contact everyone personally this month.  What an impact that could have on our volunteers if I made the time to do that!

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This time of year, you see a Santa Claus almost everywhere you look.  No matter where you come down on the issue of Santa, there are still a few things that we can learn from Santa in Children’s Ministry. So, over the course of the next several weeks leading up to Christmas, we will look at a number of things we can learn from the jolly old elf.

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What impression are you giving the parents and kids in your ministry? In this article, Commander Bill Gunter encourages us to never let people feel like we are too busy to minister to them.

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Time.  It is one of the most powerful four-letter words in the world, and one of the most scarce in the volunteer’s world.  I have learned one of the best ways to find more time is to take some of the time you do have and plan ahead.

Wait!  Don’t leave.  I know what you’re thinking.  “I would love to plan ahead, but who has time?”

We don’t.  At least, most of us don’t.  There is all ready more to do than you can possibly get done in your day.  Your to-do list is so long it could be bound into a paperback book.  And now I’m telling you that you need to take a couple of hours out of that all ready jammed schedule?

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No Excuses

Jared Massey —  July 13, 2010

I’m a bi-vocational pastor.  I do receive a little compensation for my work done at the church, but I still need to work full time outside the church to make it work.  As any of you who are bivo or volunteer know, that means you can shave 40 hours per week right off of the top of what I am able to get done for the church.  Plus, when I do get home from work, the last thing I want to do is work.  I want to be with my family, be entertained, or maybe even hang out with friends.

For probably six months early on in my ministry, there was a lot of stuff that needed done and it was not getting done.  It was becoming a major problem.  I would constantly say, “There isn’t enough time.”

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I Want It Now!

John Foley —  July 9, 2010

This is a fast paced world in which we live. Everything from food to information, we have become a society that wants it, and we want it now! We do not have time to wait. My day job is a teller at a credit union. It amazes me at the speed that members want their transactions done when they come to the drive thru. It is what I call “fast food” mentality.

In fact, today I got yelled at, yes, full-fledged yelled at because I did not get a transaction done as fast as the member wanted me to. (It actually took even longer because he kept yelling at me delaying the time for me to actually finish it). I can’t help but wonder which is more important. Would someone rather have their transaction done fast, or would they rather have it correct?

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Maintaining Your Focus

Wayne Stocks —  July 2, 2010

At Computer One of the problems that we often face as volunteers in children’s ministry is maintaining focus in our “day jobs.”  When you are passionate about something, it is hard not to focus on it and hard not to get sidetracked about it.  Think back to the first time you really fell in love.  How much time did you spend thinking about your new love?  How much of your day was consumed dreaming about what the future might hold?  If you are parent, do you remember the first days back to work after your child was born?  How often did you stare at their picture wishing you were home?  How much of your time was spent contemplating/worrying about their future?  How many times did you call home just to see how they were doing?  This tendency towards distraction is consistent in anything that we are passionate about.

When I am not very intentional about it, it is very easy for me to let my passion for children’s ministry distract me when I should be focusing on my day job.  Since I spend a chunk of my day working with computers, it would be quite easy to allow my mind to wander, to dream about children’s ministry, to think about the lesson for the coming weekend and more.  On a more concrete level, things like e-mail, conferences, online research and more can easily interfere with your “day job.”  Instead, I much be very intentional about focusing on what I should be doing at that particular moment.

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Planner People As volunteers and/or bi-vocational children’s ministers who are passionate about reaching kids for God, there is one constant battle that we all face.  It is something that we all battle with every day.  That thing is TIME.  More specifically, it finding time to accomplish all of the things we have to accomplish and those things we want to accomplish.  Although Kidmin1124 is only 10 days old, this issue has already been prevalent in the articles featured here.  I think that is because it is a universal problem.  God only gives us a certain number of hours in each week, and between our commitment to our ministries and our other responsibilities outside the church, there never seems to be enough time.  This issue is certainly not unique to volunteers and bi-vocational ministers, but it is certainly prevalent and perhaps compounded by other fulltime jobs and responsibilities.

So, what are we to do about it?  Well, today marks the beginning of a new series here on Kidmin1124, our first series, which I have titled “The Non-Negotiables.”  This is not a series general about time management.  I am sure we will see plenty of that here on this site in the days and weeks to come, but that is not the purpose of this series.  If you’re looking for good resources on time management (especially from a children’s ministry perspective, I suggest you check out Brother Jim Wideman’s book Beat the Clock.  It is chocked full of great advice and ideas from a trusted leader in the field of children’s ministry.  A review and give away of the book will be coming up soon here on Kidmin1124 as soon as I can find the time to write it (and, yes I appreciate the irony of that comment).

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