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EDITOR’S NOTE: This officially marks the finale of Orange Week 2.0.  At Kidmin1124, we have thoroughly enjoyed participating and learning from all the other bloggers.  In today’s final article, we encourage you to register today for Orange Conference 2011.

Now that you have spent an entire week looking at the practical implications of Orange Thinking, now would be the perfect time to register for Orange Conference 2011.  Registration officially begins today.  Please do yourself a favor and click on the graphic below to register for Orange.  By clicking the graphic below, or the one at the right, you will also be helping Kidmin1124 as we do get a small incentive for anyone who signs up for the conference or purchase curriculum using the links on this site.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to Orange Week 2.0 here on Kidmin1124. In this post, Jared Massey shares some things he learned from Orange even though he wasn’t even there. Links to all of the other Orange Week 2.0 posts are included at the end of this article.

During Orange week, many bloggers are writing about all of the great things they learned and gained while at Orange conference last year.  Not being there myself, I thought I would share what I learned despite my absence.

I find it ironic that being in ministry to families makes it more difficult to minister to your own family.  I say difficult, but that isn’t totally true.  You really just need to be more intentional about ministering to your own family.  Doug Fields addressed this in his session at Orange.  The thing he said that stuck with me the most was letting your family “have dessert.”  Your family should BENEFIT from you being in ministry.  They should get privileges that others may not.  While this type of thinking could go too far, I’ve already begun looking for ways to make sure that my son (and other children not yet born) get to have some dessert, and this means more than just getting leftover pizza after youth group.

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EDITOR’S NOTE:Today, Theres Haskins shares what it was like to volunteer at the Orange Conference. Links to all of the other Orange Week 2.0 posts are included at the end of this article.

It all started for me in the spring/summer of 2006 when I was invited to participate in a children’s ministry leadership role at our Church- Northside Christian Church rolling out a new children’s curriculum/program that fall.  I didn’t fully understand it at the time, but I was excited to work with the most amazing team of leaders I knew-women I knew I could learn a lot from. My initial excitement, to be honest, was having the opportunity to see what leadership involved and being given the opportunity to work alongside these amazing women! I had served in various roles at our Church, but was being afforded the privilege to serve as coordinator of the first hour “production” – which became known as Powered UP! It turned out to be a life changing event for me! God showed me, in a totally different way, where He wanted me to be used. And I humbly accepted the honor and LOVED every minute of it!

In the spring of 2008, I was invited by the children’s minister to attend a ministry conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It was called ORANGE and, at the time, I knew nothing about it. Up until that point, I was not involved in the behind the scenes decision making, nor did I understand the philosophy of reThink.  I was only involved in the actual week to week programming (and loving every minute of it). Reggie Joiner stepped on-stage at the conference, and I was immediately changed. His presence was so humbling.  I had never seen anyone with such a HUGE following appear so down to earth. As he opened the conference, he jokingly stated his daughter was jealous because he had more friends on Facebook than she did. I had no idea what Facebook was, but KNEW I was going to find out the minute I returned home. And that’s just what I did.  I signed up for Facebook and became friends with Reggie Joiner! On occasion I would send him private messages, asking him questions – to be honest, I don’t even remember what they were – but he ALWAYS replied. I couldn’t believe it. Now don’t misunderstand, I didn’t think Reggie was a god, I just knew I wanted what he had, the amazing peaceful presence – and thought I could find out what it was by watching and emulating him.

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I Am That Mom

Wendy Douglas —  October 4, 2010
EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 4th day of Orange Week 2.0 here on Kidmin1124. In this post, Wendy Douglas shares something that didn’t work and what they did about it. Link to all of the other Orange Week 2.0 posts are included at the end of this article.

I am that mom.  You know, the one that was absolutely lost in how to be the spiritual leader for her children. I am that mom that felt she had failed in so many ways in passing on her faith to her children. I am that mom who wondered if it was too late to change the direction of the spiritual path of her children.

I found out through reading Reggie Joiner’s book, Think Orange, and attending the Orange Conference last year that I can help change all that for parents of the kids I share Jesus with each week. You see when the church and family come together to impact the lives of children, our influence is so much greater. To have such an opportunity to learn from others who share a passion for God and families and bring that back to my family and pass it on to other parents impacted me far more than I thought possible.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 4th day of Orange Week 2.0 here on Kidmin1124. In this post, Wendy Douglas shares something that didn’t work and what they did about it. Link to all of the other Orange Week 2.0 posts are included at the end of this article.

Dreaming is an important part of the Christian life.  Dreaming is not enough though.  As Christians, we don’t just dream…we pray that our dreams are consistent with God’s will and that He would make them happen.  We don’t just draw pictures of the future in our head and leave them there – we allow God to work through the gifts and talents that He has given us to make those dreams a reality.  However, before we can lay out a path and ask God for his help in traversing it, we have to do a little Godly dreaming about how we would like things to be.  That is what this post is all about.  We all have dreams.  These are the things I dream about.

Big DreamI have a dream for my own kids.  I dream about the days when they will live a life fully sold-out to Christ and bent on making sure that other people learn about him.  A have a dream for my marriage.  I dream about a marriage in which I lead and serve my wife as God intended.  I dream about a marriage ordained by God that serves as a shining example of Jesus Christ and his church.  I have a dream for my life.  I dream that God would continue to work out his sanctifying grace in my life; that he would use my life to bring glory to his name; and that some day in the future I would hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I also have dreams for the children’s ministry in my church and for kids in churches everywhere.  I dream of a day when our children’s ministry is so God honoring that he will bless us with numbers of kids that we would think unfathomable right now.  I dream of a day when volunteers will be lined up begging for an opportunity to help out in the children’s ministry.  I dream of a time when the kids and leaders in our ministry are so bathed in prayer that they have to come up for air.  I dream of a time when the members of our church view children and youth as the church of today that they are rather than the church of tomorrow.

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Orange Dreams

Barbara Graves —  October 3, 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 4th day of Orange Week 2.0 here on Kidmin1124. In this post, Wendy Douglas shares something that didn’t work and what they did about it. For other Orange Week 2.0 posts, please check out

As a volunteer children’s pastor at a young church plant, I have lots of dreams. Dreams of working all day on children’s ministries. Dreams of taking my team leaders to lunch to brain storm the next event and, of course, dreams of playing with the toys that will be in my future office! But many of the dreams that I have that are the most compelling are Orange dreams. And many of my Orange dreams are common to us who agree that the family and church working together can accomplish much more in the lives of children, than either can alone. I am still young enough at being Orange that I have some fairly basic dreams.

I still dream of coordinated curriculum that teaches the same lesson to every age so families can “talk as they walk” and everyone is included in that conversation. And I still dream of a parent’s website that will, with one easy click, direct parents to a wealth of information specifically targeting the greatest issues their children face, both in their spiritual and physical development. I dream of video parenting classes that families can watch any time from the church website, if they couldn’t be at the church at the time of a parenting event. I dream of having all my families on twitter so I can share short notice opportunities that their family could enjoy. I have dreams of family fun events, parent training days, fun Saturdays at the park and anointed prayer times involving all our families. I think these dreams are common to the minds of most early stage Orange leaders.

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Just Say No to Devos

Wendy Douglas —  October 2, 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 4th day of Orange Week 2.0 here on Kidmin1124. In this post, Wendy Douglas shares something that didn’t work and what they did about it. For other Orange Week 2.0 posts, please check out

One of the things that we tried after attending the Orange conference was online family devotions to better equip parents during this time with their kids. Well I will just say it…it failed. Hardly any families were utilizing them, and the ones that were using them weren’t really happy with the content or format.  It was time to rethink everything from the devotions themselves to how we were making them available.

So, you know what we did? We started asking parents questions. Like what are you looking for? How much time do you have? Where will you doing them? Once we had those answers, we started brainstorming on the content and delivery of family devotions.

This verse really is the key to family devotions.

And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today. Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up. Deuteronomy 6:6-7

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 4th installment of Orange Week 2.0 here on Kidmin1124. Today, Lindsey Whitney shares a side of Yellow what many people might not even consider – Staff Meetings. For other Orange Week 2.0 posts, please check out

For more information on meetings in general, and how to make yours more effective, we recommend the Build a Better Meeting series from Lemon Lime Kids.

Becoming Orange is a tall order.  Reading through Reggie’s  book inspires so many great ideas, many of which you want to implement immediately! Just like Barbara talked about in “The Despair of Too Many Ideas”, it’s hard to know what to do with all this Orange thinking.

After I read Think Orange, scribbling furiously in the margins, I also picked up Collaborate and devoured it.  I had so many ideas floating through my head, I made a giant poster, divided it into months and starting filling in all the great family ministry ideas.  By the time I was done, I had four potential events in every month – clearly a recipe for disaster.   And this was all just in the Children’s Ministry department.  I had not even stopped to think what the other directors might have planned for the music department, outreach, or youth group.

Just as Reggie explained in chapter six of Think Orange,

“…one of the problems in church is over-programming.  We are competing not only with each other but with the family unit itself” (124).

He continues,

“Nothing can cause havoc like… independent leaders pointing people in different directions.  Frequent communication between all those in charge is essential to avoid potential collisions” (112).

So what has been our brilliant yellow initiative?  Staff meetings.  I know, it doesn’t sound like much of a revolutionary move, but it has made a big difference in my ministry.  How?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 3rd installment of Orange Week 2.o here on Kidmin1124.  Today, Jared Massey shares some insights from a family Easter service his church did this past Spring.  For more information on the plan for Orange Week 2.0, check out our first post titled Welcome to Orange Week on .  Also, make sure you don’t miss Barbara Graves post from Day 2 called Orange Week – Red Initiatives Day #2

From the very first moment after being hired to work at the church I am currently serving, we have forced ourselves to do things differently.  The process has been constantly changing and evolving, but the goal has always remained the same.  From day one, our church has attempted to reactivate and engage the family – the entire family.  We have done a number of things that have worked, and we have done many things that have flopped miserably.

One of our greatest “Orange” moments so far was this past Easter.  In brainstorming for our Easter service, we came to the conclusion that we really wanted to do a service that spanned multiple generations.  My pastor thought it was impossible, or at least a lot more work than either of us had time to dedicate to it.  Nonetheless, he was willing to give it a shot.

We designed a service around a costumed character that the people in our church are familiar with.  The idea of the service was that this character had built a time machine, and he was going to go back in time to meet Jesus.  Each time he left in the time machine he returned with someone who was not Jesus, but is a central figure to the Easter narrative.  These included Mary Magdalene, Thomas, and the two men who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus.  (Think Biblical Bill and Ted if you will).

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 2nd installment of Orange Week 2.o here on Kidmin1124.  Today, Barbara Graves explores red, family based, initiatives.  For more information on the plan for Orange Week 2.0, check out our first post titled Welcome to Orange Week on .

There is no doubt about it.  Parents have influence over their children.  Whether you want to admit it not, for good and for bad, planned and unplanned, a parent’s influence will be felt and lived out in their children’s lives.  This is especially true when it comes to a child’s spiritual development.  There is an old saying that postulates that “Faith is not taught.  It is caught.”  Though it may not be entirely true, I think there is some truth in that statement.  No matter how much you teach kids about Jesus and the Bible on Sunday morning, in the end their faith is much more likely to mirror the faith of their parents that they see lived out in front of them day in and day out.  For parents who resolve to be intentional in helping their children grow in their spiritual development, this influence can be directed for more effectiveness.

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