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Recently we’ve been focused on volunteers and within the last few weeks a new resource was made available entitled Rock Solid Volunteers. Here is the description from Amazon:

Larry Fowler, Director of Program and Training for Awana Clubs International, believes that there are seven biblical principles, drawn from the book of Nehemiah, that will help pastors and leaders more effectively motivate and manage volunteers. Rock-Solid Volunteers looks at the obstacles Nehemiah and his volunteer workers faced – fatigue, weakness, loss of vision, peer pressure and opposition, just for starters!—and examines the seven steps Nehemiah took to lead his volunteers to success. Pastors and ministry leaders will be equipped to attract, inspire and keep talented, committed volunteers, no matter the challenge!

Larry begins each chapter giving the account from Uzziel’s view. A goldsmith during the days of Nehemiah who helped rebuild the wall. While this account is not recorded in the Bible, Larry uses this to show how the workers of the day must have felt and how the volunteers we serve with today feel in service. Then throughout the chapter, Larry conveys practical ideas from Nehemiah (yes, Biblical principles!) to use to gain and maintain volunteers. Larry pulls from his own personal experiences in ministry and taps into what others in children’s ministry are doing today. At the end of each chapter, Larry also provides questions to think and talk about, helping you personalize it and develop an action plan for you and your ministry.

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Last week, we started our holiday series here on Kidmin1124 exploring some of the lessons we can learn from the man up north.  The first lesson was “Making Lists and Checking Them Twice,” but that’s not all he has to offer.  A second critical lesson we can learn from jolly old St. Nick is:


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A Defining Moment

Wendy Douglas —  July 7, 2010

Serving in Children’s Ministry provides us with many memorable moments.  A defining moment is different though. It might be the reason you volunteered the first time or it may be how you knew that you were exactly where God called you to be.  For me it happened the first time I shared the message of salvation in Summit Kidz. After the lesson, we all made salvation bracelets to wear home. One of the little girls asked me to tie hers on her wrist. As I was doing this, she began to sing “Arise My Love.”  I managed to tie the bracelet through my tears and knew at that moment that I was given a gift. I began serving in Summit Kidz due to a need and after this defining moment continued to serve as my opportunity to touch the lives of kids by sharing the love of Jesus.  What was your defining moment?

Yes, it is VBS week for me and to top it off, I’m leading and preaching in “big church” the Sunday following VBS. This will be a stress filled week as I must work my FT job, run VBS, and prepare a message for Sunday. As I begin the week, I realize that I am not alone. While we often experience the time crunch on a weekly and daily basis, this is a week when several are sacrificing their time to serve to reach children who you may only see this one week and these volunteers will get a taste of what we experience on a regular basis.

This is the time to connect with your volunteers. They are experiencing the struggle of serving in ministry while working a job, some may have used company vacation time to serve. Either way, this is a time to encourage your volunteers in their service. This is not a time to say, “now you know what I experience all the time“.

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imageToday is an important day for Kidmin1124, and I felt the pressure to come up with a first post befitting the vision of this site.  I thought about explaining what Kidmin1124 was all about or why we chose that name, but that is all included in the About Page.  I thought about telling you a little bit more about me, but then I didn’t want the very first post to be all about me, and that stuff is on the Authors Page anyhow.  So, I decided the only appropriate thing to do would be to ask God what he wanted me to write about, and he reminded me of something that God has laid on my heart recently and prompted me to share it.

A while back, I made myself a promise.  I resolved that I would no longer refer to myself as “just a volunteer” when people asked me what my role was in Children’s Ministry.  You see, when people ask me what I do, I don’t answer “I’m an accountant.”  First of all, that sounds really boring.  Even as I write, I struggle to keep my eyes open.  Secondly, whenever I do tell people that they ask for help with their taxes.  I don’t like taxes.  I don’t do taxes.  I usually struggle to get my own taxes done on time.  No, when people ask me what I do, I tell them, “I work with children.”  If they ask how or what it is I do with children, that opens the door for me to talk to them about my passion for children’s ministry.  But, the truth of the matter is, I am a volunteer.  I am not a full-time Children’s Pastor or Children’s Ministry Director.  We have a wonderful woman at our church who fills that role.  That is not what God has called me to do, at least not yet.  He may at some point in the future call me in to it, but for now I volunteer in my church’s children’s ministry.  I teach a large group of kids, I lead a small groups, I run games, I work in VBS, and I do whatever else I can to help.

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