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Holiday Celebrations

Tammy Jones —  November 4, 2010

‘Tis the season for holiday celebrations. Over the past weeks I have read quite a few blog posts about holiday celebrations. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. There are as many ideas out there as there are blogs. So I am faced with another big decision–how will our ministry celebrate the upcoming holidays?

I really want to take another direction in how we celebrate these holidays. I just don’t like the idea of marching out the children, singing a few songs while the parents take photos of their kids wearing cute costumes, then marching them out to the kitchen for milk and cookies. Not that I haven’t done this in the past. It’s just time to rethink our traditional celebrations. What should be our real focus?  If our focus is on ourselves, we will continue to offer photo opps for the parents to enjoy without impacting anyone. We can tell the children that Christmas is all about giving to others, but how will they really know we are serious if we don’t offer them concrete ways to learn for themselves how it feels to give to others? If our focus is on others, then we will reach out to those in need and show them the love of God.

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