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Hearing God

Barbara Graves —  August 17, 2010 God speaks in the strangest of places and through the strangest of circumstances. I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise, in His Word, He spoke through a donkey, from a burning bush, and from a bright light on the road to Damascus. Today is really no different, God speaks sometimes at strange times or through odd circumstances. But we have to make sure we hear Him.

In the busy lives and times of the volunteer, we are well served to do everything in our power to become sensitive to the voice of God. As our lives seem to go in many directions at once, He often speaks in places and times that we aren’t expecting. He uses events and circumstances to speak specifically to us and to inspire us. We just have to make sure that we are listening. We have to tune our ears to hear His voice above the rest of the noise of our world. Otherwise, we rush right on to the next task on our list and we may not hear Him.

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