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Churches and ministries are often faced with the challenge of having enough funds for the activities they want to plan. How you opt to fund your ministry is a decision that each church needs to make based on how they feel God is leading them. Consequently, I am not going to say one way is better than another, I simply want to share my thought process as we had to face the decision of whether to use fundraisers or not for youth activities.

We started the church a few years ago and so the decisions we make lay the foundation for the church, its traditions, policies, etc. I came from a church that did not allow children and youth ministries to do fund-raising. I don’t think that there was any philosophical reason behind that except that it seemed that every week one of the ministries was soliciting the membership for pizza, cookies, or something and the leadership felt it was too much. A couple of other families came from churches that did allow their youth to hold fund raisers and they wanted to do some fund raising for the youth, so it was time to come to an understanding, a policy, a philosophy for fundĀ  raising.

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