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Every year people make resolutions that they will never keep. Every day, someone plans to do something they will never complete.  And why is that? Because they don’t have a Wayne in their life.

If you have read Wayne’s bio, then you know that he is an accountant. He goes to his clients and they have to give him an accounting of what they have done financially. If there is impropriety, or something out of the ordinary, then I’m sure Wayne would bring it to their attention and so I’m sure his clients are careful about their financial practices.

While we may not actually be looking for an accountant, we each need some one to keep us accountable to be sure our lives are God honoring. People fail to keep resolutions because they do not have some one to keep them accountable.

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Question ManIt is easy for volunteers to complain about the people leading them and vice versa.  Lost in all of that though is the fact that, whether it is provided or not, there are certain things which you, as a volunteer, have a responsibility to seek out.  If your church and children’s ministry leadership is providing those things to you, that’s great!  If they are not, that doesn’t take you off the hook.  The following list is the things which you, as a volunteer, should seek out and make sure you have in your life in order to grow in your ministry to God’s kids.

1. Feedback: No matter what your role is in children’s ministry, you should find people to give you feedback.  If you are a large group teacher, invite the small group leaders and other volunteers in the room to give you feedback each week on your teaching.  If you are a small group leader, ask a student helper who sits at your table what you did well and what could be improved.  If you do worship for kids, ask the other adults in the room about the song choice and whether or not kids were engaged.  If you write your curriculum, ask your teachers how easy it is to teach.  What could be done better?  Self-evaluation is great, but it will only take you so far.  Feedback from others is an opportunity for your to continue to grow both in your giftings and your ministry.

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