They Like Us. They Really Like Us!

Wayne Stocks —  March 8, 2011

imageWay back in the day, Kidmin1124 was born out of a vision that started with a facebook page.  These days, we are promoting the facebook page related to this site, and we hope you will take just a minute to “like” our facebook page by visiting it and clicking on the LIKE button or clicking the LIKE button on the upper hand portion of this page. 

Here is why we are shamelessly promoting this page!

We want this blog to piece of a much larger community made up of children’s ministry volunteers and those who lead them.  There are all kinds of site related to children’s ministry today, but so many of those are geared specifically towards full-time vocational children’s pastors and/or volunteers in clear leadership positions.  We want Kidmin1124 to include those people, but we also want it to be a site for ALL volunteers in children’s ministry.  We want to build a community of people who serve on the front lines of children’s ministry week in and week out.  Our facebook page is a huge part of that.  We want to:

  • Engage in conversation.
  • Answers questions.
  • Pray for one another.
  • Share resources.
  • Support and edify one another.
  • …and SO MUCH MORE!

This facebook page is going to be, we hope, the beginning of building that community.  We hope that you will still visit this blog each day for fresh new content and ideas, but for minute-to-minute interaction with like minded volunteers (and those who lead them), we hope that you will like our facebook page and also join in the conversation there.  Joining a community who is there to help YOU is just a click of the mouse away, and if you decide later that you don’t really like us, we may cry for a while, but we’ll get over it! Smile

We came up woefully short when we pressed for 250 likes this week, but starting today I am praying that God would work through this new endeavor.  So, with that power and strength, we are hoping to get to 500 likes by one week from today.  So, like the page and share it with your friends (real and on facebook).  Let’s build a community to together!

Wayne Stocks

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Wayne is married to a wonderful woman and has four kids whom God uses to teach him on an almost daily basis. He is blessed to volunteer in a wonderful children's ministry at New Life Church Gahanna. He established Kidmin1124 for those who give their time to kids and feel passionately about children's ministry. When he isn't working on Kidmin1124, he maintains another blog at and contributes articles on a regular basis to