Kidmin1124 Proclaims “We’re #16!”

Wayne Stocks —  September 29, 2011

Browse the top 100 children's ministry blogs below...Cue the power ballad.  All together now:

We’re #16!

We’re #16!

Seriously though, at, we are excited to have claimed the #16 spot in Tony Kummer’s annual list of the top 100 children’s ministry blogs.  Last year, just a few months after our launch, we were excited to come in 44th, and it is exciting to move up this year.  It is exciting to move, not because it feeds some need to be recognized, but because it is a reflection that people are actually finding the blog useful.

I’m a little biased, but I think one of the things that really sets Kidmin1124 apart is our writers.  I have never known a more talented group of individuals who are so willing to give of themselves to help others.  Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised because our writing team consists of volunteers and bi-vocational children’s ministers to begin with.  They make a habit of giving of themselves until it hurts (and then giving some more).

I think this is reflected in the fact that a number of our authors also had their personal blogs included in the list:

Thanks to all of our readers and the users of Kidmin1124!

Wayne Stocks

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Wayne is married to a wonderful woman and has four kids whom God uses to teach him on an almost daily basis. He is blessed to volunteer in a wonderful children's ministry at New Life Church Gahanna. He established Kidmin1124 for those who give their time to kids and feel passionately about children's ministry. When he isn't working on Kidmin1124, he maintains another blog at and contributes articles on a regular basis to