Hello! From Our Newest Writer Doug Olson

Doug Olson —  January 10, 2011

Hello there Kidmin1124!

I am so happy to be included in a great team of kidmin authors! As a introduction I thought it would be good to let you know a little more about me than what my bio says.

My family and I live in Cadillac, MI. It is north of Grand Rapids by about an hour. We are just outside what most people call the “snow belt” the area that receives lots of lake effect snow (think cold north winds blowing over warmer lake waters). Both my wife and I grew up just north of here where our families still live. Close to home, but far enough away.

We have 4 kids, 3 boys (14,12,10) and a girl (8). We enjoy our 5 acres, animals and all the beauty of MI. It really is a blast to be a dad and live where we do!

My life as always been filled with kids. I began baby sitting at 9 or 10 (my 4 brothers) and have been in education in some way or another since then. The past 20 years as a special education teacher in several public schools.

My ministry calling began in 2000-2001. I was asked to be a small group leader for 8-10 4th 5th and 6th grade boys. From there God just increasing my responsibilities including being asked to become the Children’s director. During my time as director I was Called to full-time ministry. He has yet to show us where or when that will be but He has been preparing us and the church/place He wants us to serve in.

Currently, we go to a large church where I volunteer as a speaker/teacher for the 4th 5th 6th grade group and help lead the large group.

I love Jesus and I love kids and their parents. While we patiently wait for God’s perfect timing, this is another great place to learn and grow!

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Here at Kidmin1124, we are really excited to have Doug on board. As someone called to full-time ministry, awaiting God’s calling to the right church, and volunteering for the moment in children’s ministry, he brings a unique perspective to Kidmin1124 that I think we will all learn from. All of the positives outweighed the one blemish on Doug – he’s from what we in Ohio call “that state up north.” None of us are perfect. 🙂 So, everyone please join me in welcoming Doug to the team!

Doug Olson

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Doug was the children’s director at a church in his hometown. There, he lead a team of nearly 40 volunteers that helped kids know Jesus and love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Doug was called to lead this group for 4 years as a bi-vocational, part-time director until God called him to take some time to minister to his family and study/experience family ministry first hand.

5 responses to Hello! From Our Newest Writer Doug Olson

  1. Hello Doug! Welcome to the team. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and learning from them too.

  2. It’s possible Doug attended Michigan State, given that he hails from the western part of the state, which would be acceptable. Since Jesus hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes and all types of sinners in His day, why would it be so far-fetched that He could use a U of M grad today?

  3. Well…to settle any issues with the Michigan/ Michigan State/ Ohio State issue, I graduated undergrad from Central Michigan University and grad school from Western Michigan University. I won’t say which school I root for between those two but I will say I am a true BLUE fan! (Someday we will get back to beating the Buckeye’s on the grid iron.) Say what you will about “that state up north” I am okay with it.

  4. Doug Doug Doug. You had almost redeemed yourself when I found out you were a MAC guy (I graduated from The Ohio University – Go Bobcats!) then you had go all blue on us. 🙂

  5. Welcome to the team Doug! Can’t wait to get to know you