Illuminate Conference – Birmingham

Barbara Graves —  September 12, 2011

When Kenny Conley announced that he would be doing his Illuminate Conference in Birmingham, I was thrilled because that’s just about 3 hours from me, and I could take my volunteers to this conference that was geared specifically for them.  And Illuminate-Birmingham did not disappoint.  Here’s some of the thoughts that Jim Wideman shared in the opening session on Time Management.

Time management is in the Bible:

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

“For everyone of us will give an account of himself unto God.” Romans 14:12

The question is, “What do I need to manage my time?”  To be organized and balanced you need the following:

    1. Desire: you have to want to be organized
    2. Goals:  You have to know what you’re trying to accomplish.
      • Action steps help you achieve what you need to accomplish.  People want to make great, long range  plans but the Bible says that the steps of the righteous are ordered of God.  Plan steps.
    3. Priorities: schedule your time accordingly in this order:
      • Jesus
      • Family
      • My boss’ problems
      • The level of leadership right under me.
    4. Right tools: calendars, planners, etc.  Whatever works for you.

If you master time management, you can easily save at least 1 hour a day.  In the course of a year, you will have saved the equivalent of 6 weeks of 8 hour days.  So in the words of Nike…

Just Do It!

Barbara Graves

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Barbara is a married mother of 4 grown kids. She is the volunteer Children’s Pastor at Momentum Church in Woodstock, GA where she oversees kids from birth to 5th grade. She can often be found driving around north Georgia, usually with a cup of coffee in her hand.