The Week of Sacrifice

Commander Bill Gunter —  June 28, 2010

Yes, it is VBS week for me and to top it off, I’m leading and preaching in “big church” the Sunday following VBS. This will be a stress filled week as I must work my FT job, run VBS, and prepare a message for Sunday. As I begin the week, I realize that I am not alone. While we often experience the time crunch on a weekly and daily basis, this is a week when several are sacrificing their time to serve to reach children who you may only see this one week and these volunteers will get a taste of what we experience on a regular basis.

This is the time to connect with your volunteers. They are experiencing the struggle of serving in ministry while working a job, some may have used company vacation time to serve. Either way, this is a time to encourage your volunteers in their service. This is not a time to say, “now you know what I experience all the time“.

So appreciate your volunteers as they serve, especially during times like VBS when they get a taste of what you experience daily. As you reach out to them and encourage them during this week, they will draw strength from you and appreciate what you do even more.

Don’t grow weary in doing well, rather encourage those who are serving alongside of you to reach children for Him.

I may not get much sleep this week, but in the end, it will be very rewarding seeing all that God has done in the lives of the children, the staff and the families reached.

Don’t dwell on your busy schedule, but encourage those sacrificing their time for the Kingdom. The rewards are priceless!

Commander Bill Gunter

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Bill is the Associate Pastor of Children & Youth at Hanover Fellowship in Hanover, Pennsylvania where his responsibilities include caring for children and youth from birth through high school. Along with his responsibilities in the local church, Bill is very involved in the Awana ministry, serving on the ministry teams of local Awana missionaries, providing trainings, leading workshops and helping run regional events.

2 responses to The Week of Sacrifice

  1. Bill,

    Thanks for the article. I think it is a great reminder. I never sleep as well as the night following VBS week. šŸ™‚ I love what Karen Apple (@KMApple) tweeted this past weekend:

    “Children’s ministry ~ a gift, a calling, a privilege, an energy sapper, an energy jolt, a blast!!”

    I think that definitely sums up children’s ministry in general and VBS in particular. Have a great week!

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