#RT: Huh?

John Foley —  August 27, 2010

From Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Designfloat, Furl, Technorati, WordPress, Google Reader….and the list goes on and on; you can quickly realize that social media is huge and is only getting bigger. There are two extremes to social media, there are those that are scared of the unknown so they never try it and then there are others that as soon as they wake up they grab their iPhone (or any other smartphone) to get caught up on everything that happened while they slept.

My typical day is I get up around 7:00, check my email (I have 5 email accounts that are all synced to my Blackberry, check both (yes I have two) twitter accounts, check my Facebook account as well as my Facebook page, get dressed and try to shove some food in my mouth as I run out the door. I then get to work pull up my work email and Google reader to go through 1,000’s (yes, that is no exaggeration) of posts. If you are not familiar with Google reader it is a great tool that will pull all new blog posts to your Google account. I love it! Anyways, this is all done before 9:00 am so I bet you can guess how much more time during the day I spend on these sites.

So is tweeting about everything wrong? Is connecting with others on Facebook wrong? Depends on who you ask.

I recently had to take a step back to see how much of my social media interaction was worth it and what impact did it have. Was it important that I tweeted about every new phone that was going to be introduced? or what about fun little quotes/jokes? or how hot the weather has been? Those are probably not that important. So should I just delete all of my accounts? I say no. Each day I am meeting new people,getting ideas of what works and what doesn’t in kidmin and I am able to find great resources such as lesson plans, crafts, games and video loops all because of Twitter and Facebook.  It was through twitter that I was able to meet Wayne and share my experiences on this blog (which is completely awesome and I am SO thankful for the time that he, and others put into it!)

Final thought, if we can harness the power of social media we will be able to reach thousands of kids ,and adults, that may never step into a conventional church to hear the message of Christ. It just has to be used with purpose.

So how do you use social media? Do you use it for just personal use? Do you use it to share ideas with others? Do you spend too much time using it and maybe need to think of restructuring your time so that it is beneficial?

John Foley

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John is a husband and father to two wonderful, energetic, world changing kids. He is the volunteer Children’s Pastor at Common Ground Church in Tulsa, OK where he teaches kids from 2nd to 5th grade. During the work week you will find John at a local credit union but inside he is dreaming of ways to impact a kid’s life and of course all the cool gadgets that are about to be released.

3 responses to #RT: Huh?

  1. I use social media to relate and connect with the youth and others in the church and in ministry. I also awake to grab my Palm Pre to check my multiple e-mail accounts, check FaceBook and Twitter. I also have my e-mail accessible all day.

    Yes, I may be too connected to technology. I’m not running out to get the latest & greatest (but if you want to donate it to my ministry, please feel free to do so) but I use what I have to the max.

    Rumors have it that I twitch if I’m not close to my phone or the internet.

    So I may use technoogy a little much, but it is a great way to connect to those you minister to and with.

  2. John,

    We’re all grateful that you are sharing your thoughts and insights with us here on the site. Keep up the great work!