Hearing God

Barbara Graves —  August 17, 2010

http://www.icanlearnmusic.com/images/listen.jpgSometimes God speaks in the strangest of places and through the strangest of circumstances. I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise, in His Word, He spoke through a donkey, from a burning bush, and from a bright light on the road to Damascus. Today is really no different, God speaks sometimes at strange times or through odd circumstances. But we have to make sure we hear Him.

In the busy lives and times of the volunteer, we are well served to do everything in our power to become sensitive to the voice of God. As our lives seem to go in many directions at once, He often speaks in places and times that we aren’t expecting. He uses events and circumstances to speak specifically to us and to inspire us. We just have to make sure that we are listening. We have to tune our ears to hear His voice above the rest of the noise of our world. Otherwise, we rush right on to the next task on our list and we may not hear Him.

I have just wrapped up the most busy, chaotic, demanding summer of my life. And one of the most powerful moments I had with God during that time was in the parking lot of a Sam’s Club as I waited for the store to open. It wasn’t what I had planned or expected. I didn’t put that on my calendar as “Quiet Time”. I didn’t even think, “Hey, I have a few minutes, I think I will pray!” In fact, I was a bit aggravated that it wasn’t open and I had all ready began to discount those moments as wasted. And all volunteers know how much we hate to waste time, no matter how few the minutes! Yet in those few minutes, God spoke to my heart in the clearest of voices. It was an amazing, sweet time of fellowship with my Creator.

Another time, and I blogged about this recently, I was preparing dinner when God challenged my heart through a Stouffer’s frozen lasagna! I’m focused on feeding my family, and God used that very dinner to stir me!

My point is, that as volunteers, we are often juggling two, three, or four tasks at once. My next trip to Wal-Mart may include purchasing some groceries for my family, some small prizes for a Children’s Church game, and office supplies for my husband’s business. While my world is busy with the hum of home, business, church, and community, I need to purpose to keep my ear keen to the voice of my God. He will speak. The question is, will I hear?

Barbara Graves

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Barbara is a married mother of 4 grown kids. She is the volunteer Children’s Pastor at Momentum Church in Woodstock, GA where she oversees kids from birth to 5th grade. She can often be found driving around north Georgia, usually with a cup of coffee in her hand.