Illuminate Birmingham with Jim Wideman

Barbara Graves —  September 16, 2011

Jim Wideman shared his heart about the importance of volunteers in the afternoon session at the Illuminate Conference.  Here are some of the comments that he made.

We should bring people alongside and give them a place to serve the church.

Serving others is God’s plan for his children and we, as volunteers, are called to serve two ways:

1.  God has called us to serve children.

2.  God has called us to serve our leaders.

When serving is hard and we are tempted to complain about what God has called us to do, remember Paul.  If you went up to Paul and started to complain to him, he would say, “I wrote 3/4 of the Bible and we didn’t have ink.”

The secret to seeing your dreams come true is this: “Help others reach theirs.”


1.  You’re blessing others and blessing your church.

No other age group did Jesus say, if you bless one of these, I’ll bless you.

2.  Being a worker blesses you and your family

You reap what you sow.

3.  Each of us have a particular gift.

All believers make up the body of Christ.  Every part is important.  There is something for you do to.

The happiest people I know are those who have said yes to God’s invitation.

You are important to your church and you are important to the plan of God.

Barbara Graves

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Barbara is a married mother of 4 grown kids. She is the volunteer Children’s Pastor at Momentum Church in Woodstock, GA where she oversees kids from birth to 5th grade. She can often be found driving around north Georgia, usually with a cup of coffee in her hand.