Hold My Hand Mommy!

Wendy Douglas —  September 8, 2010

When my boys were very little, they loved taking walks and holding my hand. We would walk down a path chatting away about our days. As they got older, they would still hold my hand as we walked, but there would be brief moments when they would run ahead with me chasing after them. Today my two oldest hold my hand less frequently with rare moments that they grab hold of my hand. My youngest and I still hold hands as we walk together.  Today all three of them are secure in knowing that I am walking with them and my hand is always there for them to hold onto.

I was thinking today of how similar this is to walking with my heavenly Father. I cherish those times when I walk along the path holding His hand. I still have those moments where I let go and run ahead and He chases me to bring me back to the path. I too am secure in knowing He walks with me and His hand is always there for me to hold.

Those walks with my sons are an example to me and to them of a loving Father who longs to hold hands with His children. Today I so look forward to those moments that begin with, “Hold my hand Mommy!” I know He does too.

Wendy Douglas

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Wendy is married to a warrior for the last 18 years and Mom to three boys. She volunteers in KidzPlace at The Gathering Church in Sevierville, TN. She reads almost anything she can get her hands on. In addition to contributing to Kidmin1124, she maintains her own blog called Saved Sister at http://savedsister7.blogspot.com/.

One response to Hold My Hand Mommy!

  1. Wendy,

    Great article! As usual, you accomplished hitting me on multiple levels here. As a father of four, you got me thinking about my own kids. The oldest (17) is growing up and getting ready to move on, but I can remember walking along the dam at the reservoir when he was four talking and him holding my hand. My nine year old is at the age where he is still very affectionate but wouldn’t be caught dead holding my hand in public. Indeed, the mere “threat” of it is enough to keep him in line in parking lots and such. I can remember when he was little though reaching way up high because he wanted to walk with Daddy. My seven year old daughter still likes to hold my hand (such a blessing to get to be a Dad to a little girl) as does my three year old boy. As a parent, our instinct is to both guide and protect our kids, and holding our hand is a good symbol of both. As a steward of my kids though, I always want to be holding their hand with one hand while my other is firmly in the grasp of my heavenly father, and ultimately I want to pass their hand into his.

    Thanks again for this great article!