Finding Balance With God

Leisa Jenkins —  December 12, 2010

Teaching your children about Jesus can be very overwhelming. Most of us don’t know where to start. How do we teach them? Will just reading the bible make a difference? How do we bring God into our lives all week long?  How do we prioritize with so many things going on? You will never have the perfect answer to all of your questions. It is not something I can give you.  You have to have a desire to do it.

Helping your kids to grow spiritually involves a whole lot more than just teaching your kids about God, It means living a God-centered life in front of them!  It means getting your family to church every week where they can be with God each Sunday and around great people who love your kids and will help to instill in them a biblical worldview. You have to have faith that God will take care of your family!  Will all your prayers get answered? God answers every prayer. I believe that Gods answers hundreds of our prayers each day. Keeping us happy and strong each day dealing all the hundreds of things we all do every day is a definite answer to prayer.  You cannot out dream GOD! He has a plan for all of us including your children.  So, let’s help them to know who he is and build that foundation in their lives while they are still young!

So, priority #1 is “Get into a great church on Sunday morning.”  However, that can not be the only time you fit God into your life. He must be part of your life at home all week long. You have 3000 hours of influence with your kids.  The children’s ministry at your church only has a few hours on Sunday mornings. Make God a part your everyday life.  Make it realistic, and always be truthful with your kids. Below are some ways to make this happen:

  • Read a children’s bible with your family.  Kids love stories and they love for you to read with them so make it count for the entire family.
  • Pray with them.  More importantly, though, teach them that praying does not have to be perfect it just has to comes from the heart. Let them know that it’s to pray any time of the day!  They need to know that when they need to talk to God, He is always with them.
  • Talk to them about God and how he fits in to our world. Start small, but notice opportunities to talk to them about God when they come up. Your children will experience so many things everyday.  Help them to understand that with God anything is possible.
  • Get involved in your church as a family! It is so important for your kids to be involved in serving the Lord. Serving is about the greatest gift of all – sharing God with others, inspiring them and loving them.
  • Teach them to respect God and everyone around them! Teaching your family to step out of their comfort zone is hard, but when they do it, it’s a great feeling!

Each day we face new challenges, and being a parent is hard! Decide what is important to you and your family. Talk openly about it. Be a team with determination that God is everything. Let your love and passion flow into the world and watch your lives change.  No matter what your family is facing, no matter what challenges have kept you from knowing that God is your everything, no matter what has kept you from shinning your light on so many, understand you can change it with some simple steps. Here is the catch – it has to involve God at every level!

What can you do today to change how your family interacts with God?  How can your family serve God better?

Leisa Jenkins

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Leisa volunteers full-time as the Children’s Ministry Director responsible for kids from birth through fifth grade. Her goal on Sunday mornings is to create an incredible Godly experience for each child and to give kids the confidence to understand that God fights for them each day. She has an incrediable love for each family that she comes in contact with and is more excited each day to share the love of our amazing God with them! God has given Leisa the incredible opportunity to encourage and impact every life around Her, and she will serve God each day by reaching one family at a time.

One response to Finding Balance With God

  1. Another great post Leisa

    Yes, yes, yes it is so important that parents get involved in the church – that they be involved at their kids level. I always encouraged that they serve with a different age group so their kids can connect to other adults. However, their kids will understand what mom and dad are doing – because it is at their level.

    One thing I would do differently than you suggest is to have parents read from a “real Bible.” (I’m thinking elementary here) It challenges the parents to not blindly read – but to understand for themselves and explain to their kids what their kids don’t understand.

    A church using our Sunday Plus Curriculum gave all of their kids new Bibles as they began. The kids were so excited because “we’ve got real Bibles now,” they told their parents.

    We must not be afraid to lovingly challenge kids.