Children of Divorce

Wayne Stocks —  May 12, 2011

Here at Kidmin1124, we have focused some of our efforts on the issue of ministering to children of divorce.  Over 1,000,000 children per year have experienced the divorce of their parents every year in this country since 1972.  The grief and emotional turmoil experienced by these kids is unique, and we as children’s ministers must be prepared to address the needs of these children. At Kidmin1124, we are committed to equipping those who work with kids to minister to these kids.

Upcoming Radio Shows

We have a very special radio show coming up one week from today, on Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 9:00 PM EST to continue the discussion on ministering to children of divorce.

We are pleased to announce that Linda Jacobs will be a guest on this show. Linda wrote the curriculum behind Divorce Care for Kids and has many years of experience working with children from divorced homes. Also on the show will be Evon Flesberg. Evon wrote the groundbreaking book called “The Switching Hour.” The Switching Hour takes you inside the heads and hearts of children of divorce who switch back and forth between the homes of their divorced parents. We will hopefully have at least one more, as yet unconfirmed guest. Come learn from the experts how you can better minister to this very prevalent but often invisible group of kids. Make sure to mark your calendar. You can find the show here: Kidmin Volunteer – Minstering to Children of Divorce 3.

Divorce Survey

If you are over the age of 18 and your parents divorced before you turned 18, you can help us to better serve children who are currently going through the divorce of their parents.  We have set up a short, anonymous, online survey for children of divorce.  In 8 questions, we ask about how you reacted to your parents’ divorce and the best ways to minister to children currently going through a divorce based on your experiences.  There is no substitute for first hand knowledge, and we appreciate you helping us to help today’s children of divorce.  You can find the survey at

If you know of people who could help us out, please feel free to pass the survey along, tweet about it, post it on facebook, or otherwise promote the survey.  The more respondents we can get, the better able we will be to fashion the information into something that can be of benefit to the whole kidmin community.

Leading With Love

After our first radio show on this issue, I started a group on CMConnect to discuss the issue of ministering to children of divorce.  The group is called Leading With Love.  Hop on over and join the group.  We are blessed to have some experts in this field as part of the group to answer any questions you might have.

Past Radio Shows

We have dedicated two full radio shows to this topic.  You can find them at:

Thanks to Wendy Douglas, Jared Massey and Bill Gunter for making these conversations both thoughtful and helpful.  If you’re more of a reader, you can check out my recap of the first show in an article called, cleverly enough, Recap of Ministering to Children of Divorce Radio Show.

Additional Articles

We have written additional articles on the topic here on Kidmin1124, and I have personally written a few other articles on Dad in the Middle.  Here are the links:

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