Jesus Storybook Bible (Volunteer Toolbox – Resource #2)

Wayne Stocks —  December 14, 2010

VTB Jesus Storybook BibleAs we explained in the initial entry in the Volunteer Toolbox Series, the point of this series is to give children’s ministry volunteers a listing of the essential resources they should carry in their symbolic Volunteer Toolbox.    Many of those who are familiar with Children’s Ministry will no doubt of heard of many of these resources – for those people we hope that this series will serve as a reminder of some great resources.  For those new to children’s ministry, volunteers, and others who have not dug as deeply, we hope this series will introduce to some resources which you will eventually find as indispensable as we do!

Today, we introduce the second resource for your toolbox, and this one is a little different.  Today’s tool is:


Jesus Storybook BibleThe Jesus Storybook Bible was written by Sally Lloyd Jones and is illustrated by Jago.  It is quickly becoming a classic in the genre of children’s storybook bibles and is well known in the Christian community.  The book emphasizes God’s story as told in the Bible with every story pointing to Jesus.  Indeed, the tagline for the book is

“…every story whispers his name,”

and not one story is presented which does not clearly point to Jesus.

I wrote a review of the book in my Top Ten Christian Books for Kids series on Dad in the MiddleThe Jesus Storybook Bible came in number two in that list and probably would have been number one if I hadn’t felt like that place should go to the Bible.  I explained in that review that the The Jesus Storybook Bible is single greatest resource I have found for teaching my own kids the story of the Bible.  My kids and I have also done a chapter-by-chapter devotional for the book which I am in the process of reducing to writing to share with others who find this book a valuable resource.  I have also used The Jesus Storybook Bible numerous times in my children’s ministry.  Whether you are a good storyteller or not, this book will make you seem like one.  It is wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated.

You can find out more about this book at The Jesus Storybook Bible website at:  There is also a deluxe edition of the book available which includes an audio edition of the book narrated by David Suchet.

Try to book before you buy it by listening to samples and downloading several chapters in pdf form here.

A couple of the chapters have also been turned into to video which I have included below.

He’s Here:


God’s Wonderful Surprise:


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4 responses to Jesus Storybook Bible (Volunteer Toolbox – Resource #2)

  1. Matthew “Jamba” Johnson December 14, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    A great Bible Storybook for kids 3-99. It’s like a sermon infused with a paraphrased Bible passage. Every story, like real life, whispers Jesus’ name. This book aim is to show others that the Bible is not just a book about what you should do but what God has done and will do for you! I love it! On sale this month at Mardels.

    My three year old knows the standard storybook Bible stories. This book offers the right amount of spin creativity and detail to make the stories brand new to him. It as also served as a great devotional to me as well. The story of Leah and the Manna/Quail brought new revelation into God’s word I had missed before.

  2. I absolutely agree with your review of “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” It often brings tears to my eyes. I have also used it with non-Christians, with limited English, who wanted to know what the Bible is all about. What a great resource!

  3. Matthew and Sunshine,

    Thanks for your comments. This is one of my favorite resources. I’m actually working on a very detailed devotional right now that goes chapter by chapter through the book. It’s been really fun!

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