Does Your Ministry Need a Change in Diet?

Joey Espinosa —  June 13, 2012

A friend of mine lost a bunch of weight not too long ago. It was the little things, like being sure to exercise 3 days per week, not just two. And he started watching meal portions, and deciding to not eat that afternoon cookie. And within a year, he lost at least 25 pounds.

And a recent study indicates that in order to reduce obesity rates, children need to eliminate an average of 64 calories per day. That means eating one less chocolate chip cookie (90 calories) or drinking less Kool-Aid (4 oz = 60 calories), or it means physical activity for an extra 15 minutes per day. Small choices can add up to big effects.

But do you usually think that radical changes are needed to have a big effect? To lose weight, you might immediately think to start a crash diet, or having to be at the gym for 10 hours per week. And when changes are needed in your children’s ministry, do you immediately think about new curriculum or a new building? While sometimes drastic changes are needed (especially when your are limited by a narrow time-frame), you can usually accomplish a lot of good by making small changes.

What do small changes look like? Here are some ideas that are minimal time and money investments:

  • Starting a pre-service prayer time, or a prayer time during the week.
  • Making slight changes to regular events, like asking veteran leaders to lead parts of training events.
  • Recruiting and empowering one or two Volunteer Coaches (instead of feeling like you need 10 at once).
  • Carry a 3×5 card with you on Sundays, to jot down thoughts about how your ministry can be improved.
  • Figure out one thing that you are doing that you can delegate. In the long-run, you’ll be amazed about how much it frees you up.

What can you add to this list? What small changes have you made which have had long-term effects?

Joey Espinosa

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After 10 years of working as a chemist, and 4 years as a full-time Pastor of Children & Families, Joey now works at-risk children (and their families) in the most impoverished area in his state. He is married to his best friend, and they have three children who are enjoying their family's adventure!

4 responses to Does Your Ministry Need a Change in Diet?

  1. Barbara Graves June 13, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Great suggestions, Joey! It is so true. Little changes can make a huge difference!!

    • I think it’s a good sign when little changes can make a difference — whether personal health or ministry health. If you have to make major changes, it may indicate that something has become unhealthy.

  2. Kaye Chalwell June 13, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    Thanks for the list. I often write things down afterwards, but love the idea of a small card to carry with me. I try to spend time first thing on Monday morning reviewing Sunday and making plans accordingly, this card would help. Kaye

    • Yeah. As you can tell by the link, I “stole” that idea form another children’s pastor. It is handy to keep the ideas on a small card, plus it makes me limit what I need to work on (I can easily find a dozen things that I need to work on, but some things can just slide).