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Wayne Stocks —  August 2, 2010

VolunteeringAroundTheInternetI like reading. I really do, and part of that love of reading has transferred into a love for blogs – particularly for those related to children’s ministries.  For well over a year now, I have been compiling a monthly listing of blog articles for Dad in the Middle known as The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  In that recurring post, I pull from the hundreds of blogs I follow to compile and categorize a list of the month’s best children’s ministry related posts.  One section of the The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol each month is dedicated to articles for and about volunteers.  Even then, there are not generally that many posts in that area.  That is one of the reasons we decided to start Kidmin1124 in the first place.  I don’t intend to start a Volunteer Blog Patrol here on Kidmin1124, but there are occasionally articles related to volunteers that I thought would be useful to the readers of this blog.  Here are some great posts related to Volunteers and Volunteering which have been posted this summer (including May).

Posts from around the blogosphere

1. Matthew Guevara discussed the importance of Volunteer Placement.

2. Jenny Funderburke discussed how to make your church and your ministry a Place Where Volunteers Want to Be.

3. Here is another really interesting post from Matthew Guevara on Caring for Volunteers based on the research of Daniel Pink.

4. Ed Stetzer wrote an article called My Interview with Adrian Warnock: Why We Need Non-Paid Christian Leaders about the importance of promoting unpaid Christian leaders. This is not specifically about children’s ministry, but I think the point is applicable there as well.

5. Joy Bowen asked the question, “Are Your Volunteers Driven?

6. On the Orange Leaders blog, Cara Martens wrote an article about a creative idea they used when their Volunteers All Dried Up?

7. Craig Jutlia shared 4 Things Every Vounteer Needs.

8. Amy Dolan challenged us to take a (digital) volunteer perspective.

9. David Staal explored some ways to to Generate Volunteer “Wave Power”.

10. Jenny Funderburke offers some sound advice for those seeking volunteers.  As she explains, If You’re Going to Recruit, You’re Going to Have to Talk to People.

11. Here is an article I wrote for Ministry-to-Children.com all about the impact a single volunteer can have.  It’s called, “The Truth About This Sunday.” Jonathan Cliff even took it and turned into a video for his volunteers.

12. Jenny Funderburke continued her series on recruiting volunteers by asking, How Good of a Stalker Are You?

13. Peter Bierma explains why volunteers need to Kill Our Need For Affirmation.

14. Amy Fenton Lee offers advice on how to Create a Variety of Special Needs Ministry Volunteer Opportunities.

Posts from Kidmin1124.com

Kidmin1124 is written entirely from the perspective of volunteers or bi-vocational children’s ministers. Accordingly, most of our articles have something to do with volunteers. That said, there are some article which explicity deal with volunteers and volunteering. This blog did not start until late June, but during that time the authors of Kidmin1124.com have written the following posts specifically related to Volunteers and Volunteering:

1. Our first official post on Kidmin1124.com was one I wrote called More Than “Just a Volunteer.”

2. Here is an article I wrote directed to Children’s Pastors and Children’s Directors to help them answer the question, What Do Your Volunteers Want?

3. Barabara Graves wrote an article about recruiting volunteers that asks whether you are conveying Need or Vision in your recruitment efforts.

4. Wendy Douglas wrote about A Lost Art when it comes to volunteer appreciation.

5. Tammy Jones explained how sometimes our trip to children’s ministry is not always A Planned Path.

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Wayne is married to a wonderful woman and has four kids whom God uses to teach him on an almost daily basis. He is blessed to volunteer in a wonderful children's ministry at New Life Church Gahanna. He established Kidmin1124 for those who give their time to kids and feel passionately about children's ministry. When he isn't working on Kidmin1124, he maintains another blog at WayneStocks.com and contributes articles on a regular basis to Ministry-to-Children.com.

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