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Wayne Stocks —  January 6, 2011

VolunteeringAroundTheInternetI just finished up another Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol earlier this week on Dad in the Middle, so it seemed like a good time for another installment of Volunteering Around the Internet with some of the best volunteering related posts from the last several months.

Top 5 / reason to involve your FAMILY in your ministry

  • Michael Bayne gives five reasons you should have your family serve with you.

By Invitation Only

  • Roger Fields explains how to make volunteering in children’s ministry a privilege at your church.

If you volunteer in your church…

  • A great thank you from a pastor to volunteers.

Planning a Ministry of Volunteer Support and Encouragement for 2011 – Begin with Prayer!

  • Check out this important article on why praying for your volunteers is critical.

Recruiting the Best Volunteers for Ministry

  • JC Thompson begins to lay out some tips for recruiting volunteers beginning with on of the most important things you can do.

Say Thanks to Your Volunteers

  • Christine Yount Jones reminds us of 3 P’s of thanking your volunteers.

Perceptions of Volunteering

  • Jenny Funderburke talks about some of the reasons people choose not to volunteer and what we can do about it.

Not Just Kids — Part 1 (Volunteers)

  • This is a great article that reminds us that it is important to shepherd your volunteers as well as your kids.

Why aren’t you firing more of your Volunteers?

  • Orange Leaders poses this thought provoking question and some important things to remember about volunteers.

Youth Leaders vs. Youth Helpers

  • Joy Bowen explores the difference between just having youth helpers and developing youth leaders.

5 Keys to Effective Recruiting

  • Greg Baird shares five simple tips to help with volunteer recruitment.

Recruiting 101

  • Commander Bill Gunter shares seven tips for recruiting – a popular topic this month!

Growing through Relationships

  • Greg Baird expounds on the importance of relationship in recruiting.

Kids’ Ministry From the Eyes of a Volunteer

  • Jeff Salter offers advice to volunteers from a volunteer.

What Volunteers Really Learn When You Don’t Train Them

  • Tony Kummer explores what your volunteers learn when you don’t take the time to train them.

The Saga of Recruiting Volunteers

  • Here is an article from family regeneration on recruiting volunteers.

5 Reasons Ministry Volunteers Quit

  • Mimi Bullock explores why volunteers quit in this Ministry-to-Children.com article.

The “Need” in Recruiting

  • Christiaan VandenHeuvel his strategy for recruiting volunteers.

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Wayne is married to a wonderful woman and has four kids whom God uses to teach him on an almost daily basis. He is blessed to volunteer in a wonderful children's ministry at New Life Church Gahanna. He established Kidmin1124 for those who give their time to kids and feel passionately about children's ministry. When he isn't working on Kidmin1124, he maintains another blog at WayneStocks.com and contributes articles on a regular basis to Ministry-to-Children.com.

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