Staff Meetings as a Yellow Initiative?

Lindsey Whitney —  October 1, 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the 4th installment of Orange Week 2.0 here on Kidmin1124. Today, Lindsey Whitney shares a side of Yellow what many people might not even consider – Staff Meetings. For other Orange Week 2.0 posts, please check out

For more information on meetings in general, and how to make yours more effective, we recommend the Build a Better Meeting series from Lemon Lime Kids.

Becoming Orange is a tall order.  Reading through Reggie’s  book inspires so many great ideas, many of which you want to implement immediately! Just like Barbara talked about in “The Despair of Too Many Ideas”, it’s hard to know what to do with all this Orange thinking.

After I read Think Orange, scribbling furiously in the margins, I also picked up Collaborate and devoured it.  I had so many ideas floating through my head, I made a giant poster, divided it into months and starting filling in all the great family ministry ideas.  By the time I was done, I had four potential events in every month – clearly a recipe for disaster.   And this was all just in the Children’s Ministry department.  I had not even stopped to think what the other directors might have planned for the music department, outreach, or youth group.

Just as Reggie explained in chapter six of Think Orange,

“…one of the problems in church is over-programming.  We are competing not only with each other but with the family unit itself” (124).

He continues,

“Nothing can cause havoc like… independent leaders pointing people in different directions.  Frequent communication between all those in charge is essential to avoid potential collisions” (112).

So what has been our brilliant yellow initiative?  Staff meetings.  I know, it doesn’t sound like much of a revolutionary move, but it has made a big difference in my ministry.  How?

1)      I know I’m not alone.   Our church has been s-l-o-w-l-y growing over the past few years and adding directors (part-time) as we go.  We didn’t have any methods in place to strategize with each other and so it often felt like it was “every man for himself.”  Now that we’ve begun gathering together – we’re able to discuss, give suggestions, and jump in to help where needed.  It’s nice to have an instant support team at your side.

2)      I realize I don’t have to do it all.  As our kids grew older and graduated out of children’s ministry, I couldn’t let go of my leadership role.  I would try to keep mentoring them, stopping them in the church halls, trying to make it to school events, etc.  Of course, this would be fine if I didn’t have a whole new bunch moving up into children’s ministry.  Pretty soon it got to be overwhelming, especially as a part-time worker.  Meeting with the youth group director regularly has given me a chance to share the insights I’ve already learned and to stay “caught up” on these kids without burning myself out.

3)      We’re able to build a better overall program.  Just what are we after as a church anyway?  People sitting in the pews? People returning again and again?  Changed lives?  By developing and integrating strategy together, we are magnifying our focus.

4)      We’re able to clear out the clutter.  As we grow, we want to meet the needs of our church members, new families, and the community.  What does that result in?  A bunch of “random activities sponsored by numerous different departments” (124).   By meeting together, we’re starting to clear away the nice but unneeded programs and instead, build a cohesive program that truly impacts those who walks through the doors.

We’re not there yet, but we’re certainly on the right path.  I think a common fallacy in “Think Orange” is that we need to get out there and get going right away.   However, as Reggie explains, it’s much more effective to build an integrated model first.   I love his quote,

“You will never get everyone on the same page until you consistently get everyone in the same room.”

It’s not sensational, but it is essential.  And, it’s our first step to becoming more Orange.


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Lindsey Whitney

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Lindsey is the Children’s Ministry Director at East Lake Road Alliance Church in Erie, PA. She manages the Children’s Church program, mid-week Kids for Christ program as well as special events and mentoring programs. She operates a family home day care and loves the interaction with kids she has both in the home and at church. She operates Growing Kids Ministry, a Children’s Ministry blog and also serves as Erie’s Attachment Parenting Examiner.

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