Orange Dreams

Barbara Graves —  October 3, 2010

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As a volunteer children’s pastor at a young church plant, I have lots of dreams. Dreams of working all day on children’s ministries. Dreams of taking my team leaders to lunch to brain storm the next event and, of course, dreams of playing with the toys that will be in my future office! But many of the dreams that I have that are the most compelling are Orange dreams. And many of my Orange dreams are common to us who agree that the family and church working together can accomplish much more in the lives of children, than either can alone. I am still young enough at being Orange that I have some fairly basic dreams.

I still dream of coordinated curriculum that teaches the same lesson to every age so families can “talk as they walk” and everyone is included in that conversation. And I still dream of a parent’s website that will, with one easy click, direct parents to a wealth of information specifically targeting the greatest issues their children face, both in their spiritual and physical development. I dream of video parenting classes that families can watch any time from the church website, if they couldn’t be at the church at the time of a parenting event. I dream of having all my families on twitter so I can share short notice opportunities that their family could enjoy. I have dreams of family fun events, parent training days, fun Saturdays at the park and anointed prayer times involving all our families. I think these dreams are common to the minds of most early stage Orange leaders.

But where my heart ventures to dream is past take home activities and beyond a cutting edge website that my mind can envision. My heart dreams beyond my church being Orange, and looks to the day that my church reaches out to help our community to become an Orange community. My dream is that we will have enough red in our homes to share with a community that doesn’t know God yet and thus, the red component is missing from their homes. That they will take the red of their family and share it with the children in our community whose parents don’t yet see the need to be red.

It can happen as we look around and see where kids are hurting then step in to make a difference. Through the schools, we can have church members volunteer to help children that are struggling. Just an hour a week can encourage students that are struggling with sight words, multiplication tables, and beginning Spanish. We can share our red when we help coach soccer teams for the community league that doesn’t have enough people willing to help. And, though we often don’t want to talk about it, we all have those areas in our communities that are less fortunate. Rarely do those communities have enough adults willing to invest in children’s lives to provide recreational sports for all the children who would love to participate. I dream of taking our red to those. No, it may not be teaching them scripture, but it’s living out the love of God in their lives. And, no, it’s not the same as having the true red of parents that are Christ-followers, but it’s better than no red at all. Anytime we value that child as God does, we are providing the red they don’t have at home. And down the line, when they have the opportunity to hear the Word, they all ready have a sense of the love of God, because they have seen it in us in their world, not ours, as the church.

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Barbara Graves

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Barbara is a married mother of 4 grown kids. She is the volunteer Children’s Pastor at Momentum Church in Woodstock, GA where she oversees kids from birth to 5th grade. She can often be found driving around north Georgia, usually with a cup of coffee in her hand.

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