A Resource Closet for Free

Tammy Jones —  December 27, 2010

Any Children’s Ministry, large or small, needs a Resource Closet. This is the place that volunteers go to find craft materials, curriculum, puppets, items for object lessons, etc. Basically this is where anything and everything is stored that could possibly be needed by anyone and everyone working with kids. Here are a few tips to help you set up a Resource Closet at no cost. (Yes, I said free.)

  1. Find a closet that is not being used or is not being used to it’s full potential.
    • Check to see if there is room to add shelves, hooks, etc.
    • If shelves can be added, use leftover wood from past VBS projects for shelving.
  2. Gather storage containers.
    • Save food containers from the grocery store or ask the store for donations.
    • Ask friends, volunteers, and parents to save sturdy plastic containers.
    • If there is a bulk mail company in the area, they will usually give you the envelope boxes used in their mailouts because they usually discard them. Call ahead and ask if they will save the boxes for you to pick up. You can usually pick them up the same day.
    • If hooks are not affordable or available, try using nails for hanging items. Check the maintenance closet for these items.
  3. Gather materials.
    • Always save leftover craft supplies from VBS projects and other craft projects.
    • Ask for donations of unwanted craft supplies.
    • Watch yard sales. Some people will donate yard sale items if they know it is for a church.
  4. Organize the closet.
    • Gather all storage materials and supplies in one place.
    • Determine which supplies best fit in which containers.
    • Group similar items together.
    • Label each container with the contents and a number. Numerical order makes it easier for volunteers to return things to the proper place. Use small brightly colored round labels to make the numbers easier to see.
    • Fill the shelves with the containers. Place frequently used items near the middle for easy access. Place heavy items near the bottom and lighter ones at the top.
    • Hang large items on hooks or nails up high or overhead. Also hang items that will not fit in any of the containers or stack well on the shelf.
    • Have one volunteer whose only job is to keep the closet clean, organized, and well stocked.
  5. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    • Volunteers will be filled with gratitude for this well-stocked, organized gift—especially on those Sunday mornings when they left something at home.

Tammy Jones

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Tammy is married with two grown children and has 5 grandchildren and counting. Tammy volunteers as the Children's Minister at CoveCreek Baptist Church in Glencoe, Alabama, where she ministers to children from preschool age through sixth grade.

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  1. Great post! Love this. happens to be a niche LOL!!!