3 Things to Get Now for Christmas 2011

Barbara Graves —  December 29, 2010

Want to make Christmas 2011 even better than this year?  Here’s 3 things to get now that will be great to have then:

1. A buddy: but not the elf

Everyone needs a buddy, someone who can lend an ear when we are hurt, disappointed, stressed or even angry. Someone who can hear our hurts and disappointments and not be shaken by them.  Everyone needs someone to confide in. And not just for Christmas, but the busy season around the holidays is full of opportunities for stress and differing opinions.   The best “buddy” is someone outside your family and outside your church. That way, if your disappointments or stress is caused by someone else on your ministry staff, you will be able to share your perspective with an objective ear, without causing anyone to feel like they are taking sides. Of course, in the perfect world, there would never be a differing opinion within churches.  Or the differences would be prayed over, agreed upon, and celebrated in a glorious staff meeting that Gabriel himself could preside over.  Again, that’s not the world most of us live and serve in. Hurts may come. They probably will.  But the Bible has an answer for that.  Paul encouraged the Galatians to “carry one another’s burdens.”(Gal 6:2)  A real buddy will listen to your side, give an honest assesment of the situation and pray for you. Get a buddy!

2. A list of Christmas ideas for next year

As we tweet and retweet about this year’s Christmas events, how many times do I say, “That’s a great idea!”  And, I assume because it’s such a great/creative/crazy idea, that I will not possibly be able to forget it.  But believe me, I will; and you will, too.  In the next 11 months, lots of great/creative/crazy ideas are going to come across your desk, to your inbox, through your twitter feed, or from a conference breakout session.  What you heard about this Christmas will be buried under many other ideas.  Make a file of Christmas events that impressed you so you can easily recall the details next December.

3. A December 2011 calendar

It’s okay if it’s just a single printed sheet with December on it.  But look at next year, with this past Christmas season fresh on your mind. What happened too fast, what needed more time. Which activities were well attended and which were lacking.  What will you need to remember in planning your Christmas events for next year to make them just that much smoother. Write it down.

Get these 3 things done now, and Christmas 2011 will be the smoothest yet!

Barbara Graves

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Barbara is a married mother of 4 grown kids. She is the volunteer Children’s Pastor at Momentum Church in Woodstock, GA where she oversees kids from birth to 5th grade. She can often be found driving around north Georgia, usually with a cup of coffee in her hand.