Who is Theresa Haskins?

Theresa Haskins —  July 19, 2010

Let me begin with how honored I am to be a part of this amazing group of Leaders!  I thought I would start with what motivated (and continues to motivate) me to grow children’s faith in Jesus Christ.

As a child, I remember wanting what my mom had.  The problem?  I wasn’t sure what IT was or HOW to get it.  I may be dating myself, but all I wanted in life was to look like Farrah Fawcett!  I couldn’t understand how my mother could be so joyful without achieving the same goal.  She was not what you would characterize as beautiful, but ALWAYS had a smile on her face.  In my entire life I NEVER heard her say a mean word about anyone (and that’s the honest truth!).

Many years after my mother passed away, I finally figured out what IT was – Her personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  I’ve been on a mission ever since to achieve the same for myself and to share the tools that work for me with all the children, tweens and teens that I come in contact with.  I don’t TELL them what to do or what Spiritual Discipline will work for them.  However, I do explain WHO provides the joy in life, and I encourage them to cultivate a daily relationship with Him (as that’s what sustains it).  I also explain that there is no short cut to developing this amazing relationship -and that it takes time to cultivate, just like earthly friendships.  I remind them over and over to spend time with Him every day, and explain that I don’t know HOW it works – but just that it DOES!

Theresa Haskins

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Theresa Haskins is married with three amazing children. All three children love and serve the Lord in their daily walk. Theresa has served in numerous ministries at her Church, Northside Christian Church in Yorktown, Virginia, since 1992.