Take Out the Garbage

Leisa Jenkins —  March 1, 2011

A few days ago my husband and I cleaned out our storage room. I know, boring right? My day started by picking things up, rearranging, getting rid of trash, and packing things away.  I realized that God had been talking to me all morning long. My mind was creating its own new story book of my life that is about to began at a whole new level. It had nothing to do with our storage room and everything to do with the challenges we face everyday; challenges that we will never face alone again.

When we are born, our life seems to be perfect. As the years go on, life settles in and we began to make choices and experience challenges, problems, and negativity. We get knocked down, kicked in the head, and pushed to the limit many times. We often dwell on all the things that are going wrong. We work hard to please everyone around us and it seems to be very hard to get a simple, “thank you.” What about when you work so hard on a project and not one person recognizes it; however, they recognize the person that has done the simplest task? We work without sleep and forget to take care of ourselves. We want to give up and find it so hard to move on. Is all of that because someone forgot to say a simple “thank you” or “I appreciate you?”

Over the years our heads are filled with so much of this garbage. How will we choose to throw it away and move forward? Will we pack it up and move it to another level of the house and let it collect dust for one more year? I know it is so much safer in the storage room. You can hide it or cover it up and continue with life, letting it affect every move you make. We are designed to live in the present and spend most of our time planning the future. We pack away all the clutter and plan to get to it next year and then the next year comes and we push it off for another year and eventually you are 10 years into a big cluttered mess. We never really intend to clean it out. Why? Because it’s so much easier to let it pile up, right?

Your plan for the future is dictated by fear and never included GOD. If this has occurred in your life remember how it made you feel and don’t do it to anyone else, especially your volunteers. You need them at their very best. You want to lift them up not pull them down. Every chance you get thank them, send them cards, call them, spend time with them, ask them how things are going. Remember we all have a story and CHALLENGES. Don’t be the cause of your volunteers stress. Don’t make small issues big. Pull them aside and deal with it but do it with love. Your job is not to knock them down or fill their brain with more clutter. Help them define the plan god has chosen for them. Help develop the leader within them. Let them know how special they are to you and those around them. Give them encouragement. Smile and try to never pass negative stuff down to them. Do everything you can to make the environment very healthy. If you do not feel encouraged or lifted up it may be because you are not encouraging or lifting up those around you. I don’t care if you sound like a broken record, tell those that help you to finish projects or prepare for Sunday mornings, even when they may do something as simple as hold the door open for you, “thank you.” Let them know that they make a big difference in your life. Without all those around you your life would be so much harder. Forget about the difficult hand you have been dealt. Move on and be the person that God wants to to be. Grow and take care of yourself, that is a given, but pull others up with you. The smallest things matter. Close your eyes and imagine your world without those around you giving you a helping hand. Where would you be without them? Do yourself a favor and keep them by using the simple words, “Thank you!”

Leisa Jenkins

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Leisa volunteers full-time as the Children’s Ministry Director responsible for kids from birth through fifth grade. Her goal on Sunday mornings is to create an incredible Godly experience for each child and to give kids the confidence to understand that God fights for them each day. She has an incrediable love for each family that she comes in contact with and is more excited each day to share the love of our amazing God with them! God has given Leisa the incredible opportunity to encourage and impact every life around Her, and she will serve God each day by reaching one family at a time.

One response to Take Out the Garbage

  1. Amen, Amen, Amen – great words. Something we know but so good to be reminded of. Thank you Leisa.

    Have I told you lately that you are special? 🙂 Because you really are. Oh how God has His hand on you in such a special way. It oozes out of you and falls on all those around you.