I Want It Now!

John Foley —  July 9, 2010

This is a fast paced world in which we live. Everything from food to information, we have become a society that wants it, and we want it now! We do not have time to wait. My day job is a teller at a credit union. It amazes me at the speed that members want their transactions done when they come to the drive thru. It is what I call “fast food” mentality.

In fact, today I got yelled at, yes, full-fledged yelled at because I did not get a transaction done as fast as the member wanted me to. (It actually took even longer because he kept yelling at me delaying the time for me to actually finish it). I can’t help but wonder which is more important. Would someone rather have their transaction done fast, or would they rather have it correct?

Why am I talking about a credit union on a kid’s ministry blog? I am using this as an analogy of how some kidmin may be taking the fast food approach.  We may mean well, but are we just trying to bang out a teaching, memory verse and an object lesson to fill the spot on a Sunday morning?  Do we tend to spend more time on the games and fun stuff Than on what the Bible says?  How much time do we just sit in silence and ask what God would want us to teach His kids (or are we too busy for that)?  Ouch, I just stepped on my own toes pretty hard.  My intention is not to be mean and cruel, but rather to encourage you to take some time to refresh and focus.

3 John 1:4 has become my mission statement recently. It says:

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

So in all of my rushing around, trying to meet deadlines, trying to not let good replace the best I think back to this verse. I pause to reflect and think about the joy it brings Jesus to know that His children are walking in the truth.

What an honor and a privilege to work with God to make sure His children are walking in truth. This is what kidmin is all about.

John Foley

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John is a husband and father to two wonderful, energetic, world changing kids. He is the volunteer Children’s Pastor at Common Ground Church in Tulsa, OK where he teaches kids from 2nd to 5th grade. During the work week you will find John at a local credit union but inside he is dreaming of ways to impact a kid’s life and of course all the cool gadgets that are about to be released.