A Planned Path

Tammy Jones —  July 30, 2010

Recently I filled in for a teacher who had to be out. My 15 yr. old granddaughter (Paige) was helping me with the class. When the children were busy on their individual tasks, Paige shared with me her desire to become a Kindergarten teacher. We began a discussion of what my favorite classes were and the projects I had compelted when I was in college. One of the young girls who had apparently overheard our conversation approached Paige and whispered:

Be careful. Those Kindergarten boys are mean!

Paige replied,

Thanks, I’ll be careful.

We looked at each other and laughed. It was just too cute.

I was glad she shared with me her desire to teach. I know how that feels. I love to teach, and I had planned on being a elementary school teacher. I felt that God wanted me to be a teacher so I enrolled in college and three years later graduated at the top of my class with honors. I was set and ready to change the world. God however had other plans.

No door ever opend for me at a school. The doors that even cracked open seemingly slammed shut. I was confused and hurt. But through it all, I prayed and asked God to not open any doors for me that I wasn’t supposed to walk through. When my then Pastor asked me to come to work in the church office it was totally unexpected, but I took him up on his offer.

I have been on staff now for 15 years, and I have been over the children’s ministry for 10 yrs as a volunteer.  I teach children all the time now.  It’s not what I had expected, but it is what I dearly love. It’s a strange story to some people. They think (and have actually said to my face) that I have wasted my education. But that’s not true. I have reached more children in these short years than I ever could have in the classroom.

So I know that God had a plan for me. It was His plan, not mine. And you know what, that’s the way it should be!

Tammy Jones

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Tammy is married with two grown children and has 5 grandchildren and counting. Tammy volunteers as the Children's Minister at CoveCreek Baptist Church in Glencoe, Alabama, where she ministers to children from preschool age through sixth grade.

9 responses to A Planned Path

  1. It is amazing that people, those who know God and especially those who do not, can see parts of our lives as a “waste of time” when God had greater plans then we could ever have imagined and those times people see as “waste” are the times that prepare us for His purpose. I’m glad you followed that path and I know you are doing great things for God with the preparation He gave you.

    • Bill,

      I couldn’t agree more. The one that gets me even more than that is when people ask Children’s and Youth Pastors when they intend to graduate up to the adult service as if ministering to kids is a “waste of time.” It’s one thing when non-Christians take that attitude (I can almost understand that), but when brothers and sisters in Christ take that attitude which minimizes the importance of kids, I’m always shocked!

  2. great post! i have a similar story – i majored in elementary education during college, and during my junior year had an incredible opportunity to write curriculum for my church. it was during that time that i realized my heart’s desire was to teach children about god, and the bible – rather than math and reading. but, i was already a junior in college! so i finished in the education program (even completed student teaching) and then went to work full time in children’s ministry. i never expected, or planned for this path – but now, can’t imagine anything different or better.

    thanks for sharing your story!

  3. I find the whole discussion of God’s path really fascinating. I always loved kids, wanted to be a father, and enjoyed hanging out with kids. I’m not sure how that led to being an accountant :), but even in my BC years (before Christ), I often wondered if I should have been a teacher. God called me, and I finally accepted Christ when I was 30 years old. It didn’t take him long to match up my new found love for Christ with my long standing love for kids. I ended up working with two years old pretty quickly then on to older kids. He through in a couple year break from it thereafter just to help me understand how important children’s ministry was to my own spiritual journey. I haven’t looked back since. Thanks for sharing this article Tammy, and we’re so glad to have you as a regular contributor here on Kidmin1124.com!

  4. Here’s a shocker for ya’…

    Many years ago I was asked by a pastor that was assigned to guide me, where I felt led to serve. My answer, with children and youth. I was young then, in my late teens, early 20’s. His response…

    I’d probably grow out of it. :-O

    Well, about 30 years later…. I haven’t 🙂

    Though I ended up in a secular FT job, I’ve always served with kids and youth and I have no desire to be a senior pastor. I obviously did not grow out of it and don’t think I will.

  5. This post really touched my heart as I was that little girl. I grew up playing “teacher” and up until I was a senior in high school I knew that is what I was called to do. Then I veered from the path a bit coming back to it periodically to work at daycares/preschools, but always running away from it eventually. Then 2 years ago I started volunteering in children’s ministry and stopped running.

  6. This is a great post. I was truly touched by your story. Thanks.

  7. I have really enjoyed reading your comments. I was encouraged to learn that others have had the same experience. I pray that we will all find God’s path and serve Him faithfully.
    Serving Him and loving it!

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