How to: Identify the Five Catalysts of Spiritual Growth

Matt Norman —  April 25, 2012

If we look back at our spiritual lives we can all see that there were certain times in our lives where things changed for us. Times when our spiritual maturity took a significant step forward. This session was about identifying those times. Led by Taka Iguchi, this session did a great job of laying out the things that happen to all of that at least have the potential to lead to spiritual growth.

As a Children’s Pastor I listened to this talk with two thoughts in mind

  1. How do I identify these moments in the lives of the children and families in my ministry?
  2. What can I do to create these moments.

To find out what these moments are you can heck out my notes here.

I also invite you to come back to as I write about the following

  • What are these five catalysts?
  • And, as a children’s ministry volunteer what you can do to:
  1. identify these catalysts in the lives of the children and families you serve.
  2. create these catalysts for the children and families that you serve.
  3. What to do when you see one of these in the children and families you serve.

Matt N.

Matt Norman

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Matt is married to his high school sweetheart Kim and together they have two wonderful kids. Matt is a part time children’s pastor at The Rock of Winter Haven, in the appropriately named town of Winter Haven, Florida. In his spare time Matt is an avid automotive enthusiast and a self confessed computer nerd and tech junkie.