Back to School Already?

Wendy Douglas —  June 13, 2011

It might seem a bit early to start talking about our kids going back to school, but in order to plan activities in advance this is something that we are strategizing in our children’s ministry now. We have only a few months to brainstorm ideas, plan activities, and set these plans into motion. There are a few benefits to having an event ushering in the new school year.

  • Giving your kids an “easy invite” to bring their friends to church
  • Giving your families time together that is fun
  • Giving your team a chance to reconnect with the kids
  • Giving the Children’s Pastor an opportunity to vision cast for the new year

Have you started planning an event? What will you be doing?

Wendy Douglas

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Wendy is married to a warrior for the last 18 years and Mom to three boys. She volunteers in KidzPlace at The Gathering Church in Sevierville, TN. She reads almost anything she can get her hands on. In addition to contributing to Kidmin1124, she maintains her own blog called Saved Sister at

2 responses to Back to School Already?

  1. Hey Wendy,
    We’re going to be doing an open house for our small groups this year at the end of September to kind of “kick off” the new school year. We’ll have some deserts, games, and prizes. Mainly though it’s an opportunity for parents to get to know their child’s small group leader and give an overview of where we’ll be going this year in much the same way a school’s open house is designed to.

  2. Jeff,
    I love the idea of having an opportunity for parents to get to know their kids’ small group leaders!