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This session talked about the different need of children and youth  from preschool, through children’s ministry, into middle school and finally through high school.

Check out my notes HERE.

Matt N.

This was a discussion led by leaders from five different churches who shared their experience as they move beyond the walls of their building to reach out into the community and begin to love their neighbor as themselves.

Check out my notes here and stay tuned for a more in depth post with my complete thoughts on it.


Matt N.

Volunteers? Where are all the volunteers? At times we struggle to find volunteers to work within our special needs ministries. In yesterday’s workshop lead by Linda Martin, she suggests that in order to effectively recruit volunteers there needs to be an awareness of your special needs ministry. For many churches across the nation creating awareness that there is a special needs ministry within their church is challenging. When people within your church and community are aware that you have a thriving ministry that works with families and their children who have special needs, you will find those precious volunteers.

How do you create awareness of your special needs ministry?
• Ministry Fairs-great way to interact with people who may be interested in volunteering
• Share your vision and enthusiasm for your ministry with others. Others will be impacted by your passion.
• Catchy, attention grabbing bulletins
• Video spot during church announcements
• Facebook-this is a great tool! I have found 4 volunteers in the past week through social media
• Invite special guest or speakers to your church–Nick Vujicic, Joni Erickson Tada, etc…
• Draw people to your room–pictures, brochures, prayer boxes, bulletin boards
• Publicize special events that you are having in the bulletin
• Be active in the community–team walks, resource fairs, activities
• Foster relationships with agencies that will allow you to post your events on their site as a resource for families
• Wear shirts , buttons and hats that advertise your ministry
• Put a sandwich sign outside your children’s floor.
• Ask…simple ask people if they would be interested in working in your ministry.
• Ask your prayer team to pray for people’s heart to be stirred and to step out in faith
• Let your pastor’s what you are doing and what your results from your outreach efforts

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#OC12 Main Session 2

Matt Norman —  April 26, 2012

Be sure to check out my notes on this session. Craig Groeschel was AMAZING. I think that myself along with hundreds of other kidmin and uthmin leaders just got a new Purpose statement.

“We are called to unleash single minded, Christ centered, Biblcally anchored world changers.” Craig Groeschel.

Here are my notes.

Ok, below are my notes from this great session with Jim Wideman. Say tuned as I post my notes throughout the day.  Also check back tonight as I post a recap from the entire day.

How To: Staff For Growth

I’d love to here your thoughts on these notes.

Check back for a full post on this session.

#OC12 Tuesday recap

Matt Norman —  April 24, 2012

Ok, so I know what your thinking. What does a Fiat 500 have to do with kidmin, or with the Orange conference. Well, the answer is absolutely nothing. Except that this is the car they tried to give us at the airport. Now, I know that none of you know me, but trust me, this car would not have been a good fit. Frankly, I think that I weigh more than this car. Not to mention that Joe McAlpine is over 6 foot tall.

Anyways, had a great dinner with the rest of the Orange bloggers. Great opportunity to meet some of the other people that are blogging for Orange this week. Also had a chance to meet Tonya Langdon in person. Great to finally start meeting the other members of the Kidmin1124 team in person.

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I was baptized around nine or at least that’s what I was told by my entire life.  I even remember a preacher, a church and some water.   I had often wondered if that was my baptism or someone else’s.  Because if it was mine wouldn’t I remember more.

I will turn 33 Friday April 27th and for 24 year I thought I was baptized until two weeks ago.   Two weeks ago a great friend of mine took a very big step to a journey filled with so much desire and a will to live a life with God by her side and in her heart.  She has lived a life of anger, judgment, sin and abuse.  She has witnessed this throughout her family tree for many many years.  Just four months ago she would not even hear of walking in a church and listening to a sermon.  She went kicking and screaming with a close family member pushing her.   Exactly two weeks ago a very nervous women walked up to the front of her church lead by her pastor and announced her baptism. This I promise you was one of the most emotional announcements you will ever see.  As she cried, sweated & smiled with tears of joy she made some awesome memories that Sunday.   She will forever remember the tears that fell to the floor, the people that lead her to this decision and the God that for better or worse will never leave her side.  She will remember this event that will change her life forever.

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Orange Conference 2012

Matt Norman —  April 23, 2012

This week is the Orange Conference. #OC12 for those of you on Twitter. When this post goes up I will actually be at my day job, no doubt struggling to concentrate on my work as I excitedly think about the conference.  Anyways, for our readers I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect this week.

Throughout the conference Tonya Langdon and myself will be posting about our experiences. Tonya will be mostly following the special needs track, and I will be doing a variety of sessions, based on the eclectic wanderings of my mind.

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Book Review: The Eric Trap

Matt Norman —  April 19, 2012

“the week caught up with Eric as he buried his face in his hands and wept.”

With this one sentence I knew that his book was for me. Even though I was only a few lines into the book, I already identified with Eric Newman. With that simple sentence I realized, I AM ERIC NEWMAN.

The Eric trap follows a week in the life of Eric Newman; a young, talented, but somewhat misguided children’s pastor.  In fact we see Eric in what is probably the worst week of his life.  The book is written from the perspective of children’s ministry, but the principles that are covered apply to any pastor or ministry leader.

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This is Why We Exist.

Matt Norman —  April 16, 2012

Recently we hosted a meeting for local children’s ministry workers. The meeting was scheduled to start at 9:00. At 9:05 my wife and I were the only ones there. I looked at her and asked, “When do we give up?” She said 9:15. Anxiously I paced around the church glancing out the doors at the parking area, looking for someone to drive up. At 9:15 my wife called out that it was time to give up and clean up. As she said this I took one more look and saw a car pulling up. In this car was a young lady that I am going to call Misha. Misha is a 22 year old woman that is leading the children’s ministry at a church in my home town. As we talked I found that Misha also leads worship at her church while, single handedly leading the children’s church. So, she leads worship, then runs over to the children’s church, teaches the lesson, being sure to end in enough time to get back to the worship center for the invitation.

As I met with Misha I learned that she kinda fell into the position of Children’s Ministry Director. She started off as a helper and progressed to leading children’s church on alternating weekends. Then, when the previous director experienced health problems, she stepped up to lead the whole thing. Shortly after that she was shocked to see her name listed in the bulletin as the Children’s Ministry director.

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