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I work in an after school program with two other people (all of us part-time) and a handful of volunteers. As with most ministries, we are highly dependent on our volunteers to have an impact on the children who come and who want to come.  In fact, we currently have a waiting list due to an insufficient amount of leaders.

Recently, in a discussion about volunteers in our program, someone told me that we need to treat all volunteers the same. According to this logic, because all volunteers give something, they are equally valuable, and should be given parallel responsibilities and privileges.

I disagree!

Volunteers do have equal value, but that’s because value is intrinsically from the God who created us and saved us.

But volunteers are also different. They have:

  • Different strengths,
  • Different levels of responsibility, and
  • Different rewards.

Therefore, they should not all be treated the same.

Different Strengths

Volunteers with unique skills, experiences, and passions should contribute in specific ways. The failure to recognize and act on this principle is one of the biggest mistakes a leader can make. It’s one way that I erred for years in ministry. I would see a need and then look for any warm body to fill it.

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Releasing Ministry

Barbara Graves —  June 24, 2011

We all have heard, probably more times than we need, the analogy of our life or ministry being a plate.  We sometimes say our plates are full or we need to take something off our plate.  But more often than taking things off, I find myself putting things on, or wishing that I could.  With time and age comes better judgment, and I have learned that I can’t do more than I can do.  Just like eating at the buffet, piling more food on a plate that’s full has two consequences.  First, everything starts to taste the same because it all runs together.  And, second, no matter how good the food is if you eat it all you will be sick.  Ministry is no different.  You can only effectively do so much.  So, the answer is to share, which though it’s not allowed at buffets, thankfully, it is what you need to do in ministry.  But releasing ministry is not as simple as it sounds.  Recently I have gone through a season of needing to release ministry and I have found these differentials have to be made when you do.

There is a difference between releasing ministry and dropping it.

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There is no I in team, but if you rearrange the letters a bit you can find me. In a world that promotes an “all about me” mindset, it can be difficult to find yourself as part of a team. I have been watching the tv show “Friday Night Lights” with my boys, and it made me look at children’s ministry through the similarities of a football team.

  • A team has to have a coach. A person to direct from the sidelines. A person to train and teach the players on the field.
  • There are cheerleaders who root for the team while they are on the field and encourage them during the time between games.
  • Every player is essential. They work together towards the same goal.
  • Each player has a position according to their giftings. The expectations of those positions are clearly defined.
  • Players meet on a regular basis to fine tune the team. This means celebrating the wins and brainstorming ways to improve.

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