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Recently we’ve been focused on volunteers and within the last few weeks a new resource was made available entitled Rock Solid Volunteers. Here is the description from Amazon:

Larry Fowler, Director of Program and Training for Awana Clubs International, believes that there are seven biblical principles, drawn from the book of Nehemiah, that will help pastors and leaders more effectively motivate and manage volunteers. Rock-Solid Volunteers looks at the obstacles Nehemiah and his volunteer workers faced – fatigue, weakness, loss of vision, peer pressure and opposition, just for starters!—and examines the seven steps Nehemiah took to lead his volunteers to success. Pastors and ministry leaders will be equipped to attract, inspire and keep talented, committed volunteers, no matter the challenge!

Larry begins each chapter giving the account from Uzziel’s view. A goldsmith during the days of Nehemiah who helped rebuild the wall. While this account is not recorded in the Bible, Larry uses this to show how the workers of the day must have felt and how the volunteers we serve with today feel in service. Then throughout the chapter, Larry conveys practical ideas from Nehemiah (yes, Biblical principles!) to use to gain and maintain volunteers. Larry pulls from his own personal experiences in ministry and taps into what others in children’s ministry are doing today. At the end of each chapter, Larry also provides questions to think and talk about, helping you personalize it and develop an action plan for you and your ministry.

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Volunteer Progression

Matt Norman —  December 17, 2010

I think that all of us in children’s ministry, or in ministry in general, have some idea or plan in our heads about how volunteers will progress through our ministry. This is usually some vague sense of where you will put new people and where they will go from there. But, how many of us actually have a thought out, prayed over, written down plan for this progression? I would bet that most of us just wing it. We either recruit people into a specific position, or we put them in where there is a need and then kinda let it roll, deciding arbitrarily how and when we will progress these new team members.

Now, my ministry is no different. Most of the people in my ministry have come in, and I have just put them somewhere.  Alternately, I bring them in and just kinda tell them what to do on a week-to-week basis. As I thought about this recently, I wondered what would happen if I developed an actual plan for how volunteers would come into and move through my ministry.  I think that having such a plan can have a number of benefits.

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When it comes to volunteers in children’s ministry, there is one issue that I hear about more than any other – that is the issue of how to recruit volunteers.  It seems to be a constant problem in the kidmin world, and very few people seem to enjoy it.  I can count on one hand (maybe two) people who I would call experts in that field.  That is one of the reasons I was excited to see Andy Johnson post a complete FREE volunteer recruiting package several days back on his website.

I have never met Andy Johnson, but I am a fan of what he does.  What he does is run a great blog known as Free CM Stuff for which he scours the internet for the best FREE resources for those of us who work in children’s ministry.  I have followed Andy’s blog for quite a while, and he has pointed me towards a multitude of wonderful resources.

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Need or Vision

Barbara Graves —  July 27, 2010

When you recruit volunteers for you childern’s ministry, are you trying to fulfill a need or cast a vision? How do you make the most and best use of your time in recruiting? Barbara Graves explores thee issues, and more, in this article.

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