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Whether you have been serving for 6 months or 6 years (or more!), you probably have had moments when you questioned why you ever started serving in the first place. Maybe it was that staff member that kept asking you, or maybe it was because you saw the overcrowded classrooms. Maybe you’ve always loved working with kids, and you were eager to serve at the new church you joined.

In any case, the ultimate reason why you serve is because God has called you to do so. Never forget this.

My friend Julia recently told the story how she started serving, and what she experienced over the years. And God reminded her that she was called for a purpose, much like the prophet Isaiah.

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A friend of mine lost a bunch of weight not too long ago. It was the little things, like being sure to exercise 3 days per week, not just two. And he started watching meal portions, and deciding to not eat that afternoon cookie. And within a year, he lost at least 25 pounds.

And a recent study indicates that in order to reduce obesity rates, children need to eliminate an average of 64 calories per day. That means eating one less chocolate chip cookie (90 calories) or drinking less Kool-Aid (4 oz = 60 calories), or it means physical activity for an extra 15 minutes per day. Small choices can add up to big effects.

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I couldn’t believe it when my friend showed me the post-card. “Every six weeks,” she explained, “We get a reminder that it’s our turn to serve in the church nursery.” The problem? They hadn’t been to that church in years! The church had even updated this family’s address in its database, but never caught on to the fact that they had moved two states away.

I vowed to never allow this to happen (actually, I half-jokingly threatened our nursery coordinator to never let this happen). But it also reminded me about ways that I’ve poorly communicated with others — whether volunteers, parents, or other ministry leaders.

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In the midst of all the seasonal programs that occur in November and December, this is also a great time to evaluate how things are going. The school year tends to bring a lot of activity and newness, but we need to be sure to step back and see the bigger picture.

We all know the tragic story of the RMS Titanic (the largest passenger steamship of its time) hitting an iceberg and sinking on its maiden voyage. Much has been said and written about the mistakes that were made. That is what we can learn – that it wasn’t one error in judgment that resulted over a thousand deaths, but a series of decisions.

Of course, hindsight is always 20/20, and we can always learn from history to make our future better. Without trying to minimize this tragedy, here are some thoughts from what we can learn from the voyage of Titanic, and how you can use them to evaluate and improve your ministry: Continue Reading…

We cannot be a “one man band”, we will burn out. But there is power in one…

  • One man died for our sins
  • One man changed the world forever

Now what if we did just one thing:

  • What if each of us reached just one person for Christ this month?
  • What if we each had one person we were mentoring?
  • What if each of us would share just one thing that God is doing in our ministry with others?

The power of one. YOU! This month, share just one thing that God is doing in your ministry with others. If you can’t think of one thing that God is doing, maybe He isn’t, then ask why, but I’m sure that if you look, you will see God working in your ministry. Share that with someone today and spread the enthusiasm. People want to be where God is working, so let them know!

CPR: Reviving Family

Matt Norman —  September 13, 2010

One of the things we hope Kidmin1124 will be about is sharing ideas.  Today, I would like to share an idea I’ve been kicking around called “CPR: Reviving Families.”  I am going to say right out front that “CPR: Reviving Families” is a pretty raw idea at this point which I have not fully developed, but Wayne thought it would make a good article so here goes. It is my hope that this article will spawn some additional discussion that will help me to develop these thoughts a bit further. So, please feel free to comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

Let me back up for just a moment.  For those that don’t know, in my “day job” I am an ER nurse. I’ve worked in the ER for the last 14 years. So, obviously, CPR is something that’s very familiar to me. When we do CPR in the ER the goal is to pump life into a body that has lost or is losing it.

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Casting vision; this is something that we in church leadership sometimes leave to the Senior Pastor. “I’ll just let him cast the vision and I will follow it.” Or we may tell ourselves, “He’s the pastor, casting vision is part of what God called him to do.” While there is some truth in this, it does not let us off the hook. Ephesians 4:11 says,“It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be lead pastors who will cast vision for the church and some to be children’s pastors who will plan children’s activities and, using flanelgraph, tell the stories of the bible, and some to be youth pastors who will play paint ball and loud music and occasionally give a bible lesson.” This, of course, is not what Ephesians 4:11 says. Paul did not single out lead pastors. He was talking to all of those called to be pastors. Now if you do not carry the title of “children’s pastor” don’t tune out; this article is still for you.

Casting vision; what does that mean? Is it really the job of the lead pastor? Well, I do fully believe that it is the job of the lead pastor to cast the overall vision of the church, and that the leaders of the ministries within the church need to focus hard on following that vision. However, I also believe that we need to have a vision for the individual ministries within the church. Whether you are a children’s pastor or leading the children’s ministry in another capacity, then you have some responsibility for casting vision.

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