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Whether you have been serving for 6 months or 6 years (or more!), you probably have had moments when you questioned why you ever started serving in the first place. Maybe it was that staff member that kept asking you, or maybe it was because you saw the overcrowded classrooms. Maybe you’ve always loved working with kids, and you were eager to serve at the new church you joined.

In any case, the ultimate reason why you serve is because God has called you to do so. Never forget this.

My friend Julia recently told the story how she started serving, and what she experienced over the years. And God reminded her that she was called for a purpose, much like the prophet Isaiah.

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How to Be A Better Storyteller

Tammy Jones —  December 20, 2010

When I was a kid it was considered rude to call someone a liar. We didn’t want to be rude – so we called them “story tellers” instead.

These days, I spend a good part of my time being a story teller. I love stories, and I love telling them to kids. I love to watch their faces as the story unfolds.  I love to gauge their reactions to the crazy props, the costumes and the faces that I make.  Storytelling is a great way to teach Biblical stories and Biblical principles.The Bible, after all, is a story.  It is God’s story, and storytelling is an effective way of helping kids to understand their part in that story.  As children’s ministers and teachers, it is important that we be able to tell a good story and tell it well.  As a storyteller, you can be as outlandish or as quiet and simple as you feel comfortable. That said, a prop or two now and then really helps to engage kids in the story.

If you don’t use storytelling in your children’s ministry and want to start, there are several good books out there to help you out. I especially liked Creative Storytelling Guide For Children’s Ministry: When All Your Brain Wants To Do Is Fly by Steven James.  Something else to consider if you want to get better at storytelling is taking a Simply the Story workshop. This is part of the “God’s Story Project.” After completing their workshop, you will be able to take any story directly from the Bible and lead an inductive Bible study on the spot.  The workshop  is easliy adaptable for use in children’s ministry.

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